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OSI Food Solutions Doubles Chicken Production

It only makes sense that OSI Food Solutions; the greatest, if not the largest food producers in the world, would rise to the tremendous demand for a staple of the human diet: Chicken.
Now, the OSI Food Solutions massive team of 20,000 plus super-duper employees, does not create any demand for anything. They recognize trends and directions of population consumption and identify key swings in the industry of feeding the world and meet any demand that comes down the Pike. With Gusto!

This is not a lighthearted, business 101 effort at self promotion from the marketing department. The prestigious Globe of Honour Award from the British Safety Council, isn’t just passed out to a bunch of companies for fun. The British Safety Council is a serious organization, and if they recognize you; it’s significant. And in 2016, OSI Food Solutions was recognized; and awarded.

It always comes as a surprise to those who earn it, because those who earn it anddeserve it are always too focused on doing what they are being awarded for doing. OSI Food Solutions earned it, and I am serving chicken tonight to celebrate.

OSI Food Solutions has been rapidly expanding operations globally, but not because of the corporate textbook definition of growing or how to grow a company. The OSI Food Solutions rousing success comes from it’s employee ranks; every one of them. Success at the top level on a world scale cannot be explained any other way. They simply love what they do and do it better than everyone else. That includes producing Chicken, and thank goodness for that because Chicken is yummy!

Volumes can be written on the expansive growth of OSI Food Solutions, and will be in the future to be sure. Documenting the history of such companies is a best practice and always makes for good reading, and provides a blueprint for future employees who will ultimately take the reins and continue the best practices of a world class organization. An organization who’s roots run deep and are founded on a beginning based on family values and traditions.

Good stuff requires effort, and great stuff includes pride; pride in those who produce it. There is no secret formula for success. Everyone can paint, but only the masters can create Art.

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