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Whitney Wolfe and Her Successes

Whitney Wolfe, who is recently married and is now Whitney Wolfe Herd, is a very successful female entrepreneur, who is known for her popular dating app, Bumble. Bumble, like other dating apps, focuses on creating matches via an internet platform; however, Bumble is different because it focuses on female empowerment and dissolving gender roles. Specifically, Bumble gives women the chance to be the one who makes the first move, as Bumble instructs them to start the conversation with those in whom they have been matched with. Whether it is viewed as female empowerment or even thinking outside of the box, Bumble has been a major success, leading to new relationships.

Bumble is not Whitney Wolfe’s first success, as she began her empowering efforts when she made charitable tote bags. Whitney Wolfe was also successful in her academia, as she graduated from Southern Methodist University. Known for her successes in Tinder, Whitney Wolfe has been quite skilled at creating dating apps, but recently Wolfe decided to expand her mobile app endeavors. Wolfe created Bumble BFF, which functions similarly to how Bumble does, except Bumble BFF is focused on creating friendships rather than romantic relationships. Also new to the app arena is Bumble Bizz, which helps professionals quickly connect with other people in their career field. With so many outlets for creating connections, Wolfe’s efforts can be seen as bringing people together in a unique, yet effective way.

Although her work can be seen as benefiting other people’s relationships, Whitney Wolfe makes sure to pay plenty attention to her own successful relationship. In 2017, Wolfe married Michael Herd, showcasing that she is happy in her own partnership. Although married life may leave her off of the dating apps for her own personal use, it is fair to believe that Wolfe will continue dedicating her work towards improving the apps that can bring other people together, potentially leading to marriages of their own.

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