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The Generous Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur who has a passion for the mobile technology, a philanthropist and an investor who is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is a holder of a degree in Finance from the Arizona State University and a master’s degree in business from the Carey School of Business. Jason Hope helps push anti-aging efforts forward.

For starters, he established a company that dealt with mobile communication which later propelled him towards biotechnology, startup investments and humanitarian causes. In regards to philanthropic causes, he takes an interest in anti-aging research which he believes he can provide a solution to using technology. To bring his ideas to reality, he once in 2010 donated $500,000 to a research foundation called Negligible Senescence to identify practices that would slow down the processes involved in aging.

With this donation, the foundation would achieve a lot in this research which would in return help the entire community and the world at large. Additionally, he trusts that there are specific procedures that can prevent illnesses like dementia, diabetes and high blood pressure as well as osteoporosis. To boost his aspirations, he as well takes an interest in politics that relate to business which he anticipates would be beneficial to all his ventures both financially and by giving back to the community.

Surprisingly, Jason Hope is also a published author, and he later released an e-book titled “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in IoT era.” The guide is enlightening, and it explains the convertible power that the internet possesses and how people can utilize it to the maximum at home and in their businesses. A good example would be a use of IoT in the Airline industry that involves a lot of technology. The guide by Jason Hope has changed the way things are done in airlines considering that aeroplanes are connected to a wireless network which can be controlled from a station.

Customer service as well as improved with the use of IoT as there are easy check-ins and personalized travel that fit each client’s needs. The kind of innovativeness that Jason Hope possesses will lead to the next big thing in the technological world which will be of great benefit to the business world as well. The issue of threats that are related to hacking in the technological platforms that have become rampant will become a thing of the past as they will be dealt with by the e-book by Jason Hope. He is for the idea of helping people get opportunities for grants through his platform, and he has a passion for technologies that are related to healthcare and education.

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