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Ara Chackerian’s Opinion on Startup Companies

Ara Chackerian Overview


Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur, specializing in healthcare technology. Ara Chackerian is a based out of San Francisco and has experience in his field. Chackerian funded many companies that work in the diagnostic imaging industry. His ventures as an entrepreneur have manufactured funds and attracted investors.


Ara Chackerian’s Opinion on Start-ups


As a result of his past endeavors in healthcare technology, Ara Chackerian is able to give feedback to startup companies on the challenges they may face. According to Chackerian, the business is filled with technology such as digital imaging, AI and robotics. These devices are meant to increase the business potential of the medical industry.


He also commented on the startup’s potential to return funds to the investor as quickly as possible. Investors want to see a return on their funds as quickly as possible. Chackerian is aware of the rising startup companies interested in the technology involved in healthcare.


According to Patch, during 2017, 79 New York City startups in the healthcare industry raised a total of $703 million for funding. New York City is common place for startups to receive funding. Competition such as Amazon, Apple and Google are threats for smaller startup companies in the industry. Whichever company has the newest technology has an upper-hand in the industry. Whether all this new technology is needed to make patients healthier is highly debatable, but that is the nature of the business. You can visit



Ara Chackerian is an investor, and like any other investor, his main purpose is to receive a full return of his money and collect the equity interest from each company. The medical industry is an industry that operates like any other business. The goal for investors like Chackerian is to invest in the most successful companies that have the most potent chance at manufacturing vast amount of funds.



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