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Financial Services Firm Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a financial services firm that is known to be a very diverse manager of assets throughout the world. The firm currently manages over $40 billion worth of assets. In 1998, the firm was founded and has grown into one of the most reputable companies in the finance industry. It now has over 1700 clients which range from individual investors to institutions. The main assets the company manages for clients include real estate, private equity, credit and it also provides capital investment strategies.One of the things that makes Fortress Investment Group among the leading financial services firms is its focus on investment performance. It says that it looks to generate a number of high returns for investors in the long term. With this approach, the firm has been in position to ensure that investor clients get steady consistent gains on everything they invest.

To ensure consistent investment performance, Fortress Investment Group looks to provide a number of benefits such as industry experience, investment knowledge and sound management and advice.The firm Fortress Investment Group has a number of competencies and areas of expertise. One of the main competencies is managing asset based investment options. These include private equity funds, capital assets and financial assets such as private equity securities. Fortress provides expertise in asset based investing that includes advice on pricing, ownership and financing of various assets such as real estate. With Fortress, investors can also take advantage of professionals who provide in depth industry knowledge and also assistance with important tasks such as mergers and acquisitions. These aspects of the firm have proven to provide valuable guidance to over 1,000 investor clients all over the world.

Part of what makes Fortress one of the top finance firms in the world is its leadership. It has three distinct individuals who have founded and built the firm into what it is today. These individuals include co founders Randal Nardone and Wes Edens and the co chief executive officer Peter Briger. Each of these individuals brings many years of experience in the financial services industry. They all have experience managing and running some of the top investment banking firms in the world. Co founder Randal Nardone has a legal background and is therefore able to run the firm though the legal aspects as well as the financial. With these three professionals, Fortress has been able to consistently establish itself as one of the most comprehensive and reputable financial services firms in the industry.

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