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Lime Crime Comes Just in Time for Summer Shades

Lime Crime has managed to become an authority when it comes down to a well-rounded assortment of lipstick and eye shadow shades. This company has some great Venus Palettes available for the summer months that provide many people with exciting colors. It is a great time for women to try out these various shades as they attend weddings, graduation parties and an assortment of other summer activities.

The Grunge Shadow Palette, for example, is among one of the best when it comes to that 90s style rebellious look. People that are interested in this Grunge Palette have access to rust red and other unconventional colors like burgundy and brick brown. People love this palette because it will not fade out.

Venus 3 is also available for people that want more of a Grunge Gets Pretty type of look. There are shades like rose gold and rapturous lilac that can help you definite a great summer look. Paradise and Rapture colors can also help you create a glow that won’t fade as the day (or night) progresses.

More people are also looking at the Venus XL because it provides as many as 18 shades. This is an awesome combination of colors that introduces people to things like Eden which is known as a metallic Rusty Rose color. There are also shades like Celestial if you want a sparkle matte shade or Aphrodite if you desire a rich red-brown glow. The options for Venus XL are quite interesting because it is the palette that gives you access to matte, matte sparkle, glow and metallic flavors that can bring out the ultimate grunge.

Lime Crime has presented people with a ton of options throughout the years, and there are quite a few people that want to check out what this company is offering. It is easier for embrace this type of company and what it sells because these are long lasting palettes that do not fade and fall out. These are blendable colors that go on smooth, and that makes a big difference for customers that want shades that don’t run.

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