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Dr. Mark Mckenna And the Future of Botox

Dr. Mark Mckenna originally received his education at Tulane medical school. While he was at the school, he became acutely aware of the difficulties that he may face in making the amount of money that he wished to make simply working as a doctor. Due to this fact after graduating Dr. Mark Mckenna changed careers from medicine to real estate. He made this change in 1999 and quickly built a thriving real estate business. However, in 2005 whenever the disaster occurred in New Orleans from Hurricane Katrina, his business lost millions of dollars worth of assets almost instantly.

After this loss, Dr. Mark Mckenna reformed his company only to dissolve it later. After dissolving his real estate company, he moved to the city of Atlanta in order to pursue another entrepreneurial endeavor. This time, however, he was going to begin offering cosmetic medical treatments such as Botox injections, laser hair removal, and weight counseling. This proved to be rather successful, and in 2015 he was able to sell his business to Lifetime Fitness a large chain of gyms. Today Dr. Mark Mckenna is working on his next business venture. This time it is something pretty revolutionary. In the process of creating his new company, he has drawn upon the inspiration given by new tech companies such as Uber. His current vision has aims to open their doors at the beginning of next year. It will feature a chain of cosmetic medical offices that will function in combination with a digital application available on smartphones. The end result will be the ability for customers to connect with medical practitioners that will actually make on-demand housecalls. This new company is titled OVME.

Dr. Mark Mckenna has been asked what it was that made him make the decision to change from the medical field to the field of business. He simply responded that when he was growing up physicians used to earn significantly higher wages than they do now. This realization is what made him made the decision to switch to a more lucrative career path. He began to invest in real estate while he was still in medical school.

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