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Stream Energy: Generosity Has No Limits

Stream Energy has made a name for itself through generosity. The way that they care for their community cannot be compared to any other business in the state of Texas. In fact, Texas is not known as a generous state until now. All of the things that Stream Energy is doing for the community has increased the generosity score of the state. Let’s start with Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Harvey was a dramatic incident. The storm dumped 56 inches of rain on Houston Texas. People all over the world witnessed the devastation as the city become flooded. So many people lost their homes, their lives, and even their pets. Stream came in and made a big difference. Stream was reportedly one of the first companies to provide funding to Texas to help begin the recovery of the neighborhoods. It used revenue earned from its billion-dollar energy sales business to make this happen. Stream Energy understands that many of the individuals affected by natural disasters are their customers. The customers are the main reason that they are able to give back to their community. Naturally, that is the reason generosity is so important to them. Stream Energy has also created its own philanthropy organization. Stream Cares has created long-term productive relationships with organizations like the Habitat for Humanity, as well as the Red Cross. Stream gives back to its associates as well. Each associate is an integral piece of the Stream puzzle. That is why they are given the golden opportunity to become an entrepreneur. Each worker is responsible for their own success. They have full control of how much they work and when they work. The goal is the same for each associate which is to build long lasting and trusting relationships with individuals in the community. Stream sells discounted energy services to their customers. One example is cell phone plans. Some of the Stream Energy plans offer unlimited features for less than what one would pay with a company such as Verizon or Sprint. Stream gives customers access to the same services for less. That is why so many customers leave their current services to join Stream.

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