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Shervin Pishevar Talks the US’s Relinquishing of Dominance

Handpicking bonafide startup companies is one of the more pronounced talents that Shervin Pishevar has displayed throughout the course of his career, leading to a variety of lucrative investments with companies such as Uber, Warby Parker, and Airbnb. In line with making these groundbreaking investments prior to the rest of the general public catching wind of their promise, Shervin Pishevar often projects his feelings regarding upcoming changes concerning the American economy, and he believes that there will not be another startup to take the massive steps of Uber and Airbnb. Taking to social media, Shervin Pishevar, after breaking from a short hiatus, to project his feelings regarding the future of the American monetary system, signs of market reversal concerning the stock market, and a declining status at the United States’ tech capital, Silicon Valley.

One of Shervin Pishevar’s more alarming tweets during the media-coined “tweetstorm,” conveyed the fact that he believes the US stock market will see a significant crash in the very near future. Shervin Pishevar’s record regarding important economic projections immediately put his contemporaries on notice. During Shervin Pishevar’s 21-hour tweet session, he stated that the market had reversed many of the gains that it had made during the early part of 2018, and based on a later tweet, he revealed that he believes the Dow Jones will lose 6000 aggregate points in the near future. Volatility within the stock market is a regular occurrence, but with a number of prominent figures supporting its future, most notably, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, he went on to express his disdain with their decisions to do so.

Over the course of the 21-hour tirade, Mr. Pishevar also discussed the current conditions surrounding Silicon Valley, which has, in recent history, been the focal point of the majority of the world’s innovative technology. As other countries around the world begin to adopt a more Americanized trajectory regarding entrepreneurship, there has been less of a need to locate world-changing companies within US borders; this stark change in philosophy has essentially diminished much of Silicon Valley’s control over the tech sector.

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