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The Success of Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson

About Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson is a professional live performance production manager. He works with musicians as a stage production manager in live events. Throughout his career, he has worked with prominent artists such as Kid Rock, Pink, among others. He began his career at an early age and attended university to study production. Clay Hutson has worked as a sound engineer for a local live performance production firm. However, he always had a passion for music and decided to follow his career path. He secured a job at a production company and with time he was promoted to be the project manager. Clay Hutson currently manages his production firm. He has done successful projects such as the One Republic’s ‘Honda Civic World Tour’ where he controlled the automatic rigging system. He also participated in the ‘bleed like me world tour’ where he served as the monitor engineer. Clay Hutson says that his objective has always been producing an ideal show for the fans and the musicians

The idea of creating his firm

Clay Hutson had a passion for music, and that’s why he ventured into the sector. He states that there were risks and challenges before founding his firm. However, he believed his talent and skills. He cites his success to previous experiences in the sector. Clay has vast skills in stage management, live performance production, and sound engineering. His early experiences shaped his current career.

According to Clay Hutson, meticulous planning has been a secret to his quality production. Before he attends a show, he does the proper planning so that he can efficiently manage his crew and equipment appropriately. Additionally, he assesses the possible mistakes to occur and takes preventive measures. Thus, he avoids careless mistakes which could hurt his reputation.

Clay Hutson attract new clients through the quality production of services. Through his dedication, hard work, and working for long hours, he can maintain his loyal clients. Once they are happy with the production of Clay Hutson, they refer other clients to his firm.

Challenges in his career

Clay Hutson recalls the time he was involved in a lawsuit with a firm he used to work. He had directly engaged in a client which violated the firm’s rule. He went spending much resources and time against the lawsuit. Clay Hutson however says that he learned from the litigation and developed measures to protect his firm. Learn more:


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