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Matt Badiali Has Been Trying To Let Investors In On This Timely Investment Opportunity

Matt Badiali is an expert in the investment world, and he serves as part of the editorial staff at Banyan Hill Publishing. He is known to be the kind of investor who actually goes out and checks up on his investments. This has taken him all over the world and has given him the inside kind of knowledge and experience that most regular investors don’t have. Badiali’s specialty is in the natural resources field, and his Bachelor’s degree in earth sciences has helped him out a lot in the sector. He also earned a Master of Science degree in geology, which has given him further insight into the natural resource industry.

Matt Badiali knows how to dig deeper than most investors to find hidden gems of information, and he has recently been alerting investors to the possibilities of investing in oil. He tried to let an audience at the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium know about his findings, but no one was really interested in hearing about oil there. He then went on to write about his oil discoveries pointing out that no company was going to be able to charge $50 for a barrel of oil. He was correct, and he was also right that negative sentiment towards oil would increase its value. With supplies of oil dwindling, he knew that the cost was going to go up, and go up it has.

Matt Badiali is aware that the American dollar is used for its solidity in energy markets and that there is trouble lurking in Saudi Arabia with conflicts and possible wars on the horizon. He has also been watching closely as President Trump rescinded the deal with Iran and believes that rising tension in the world will increase the price of oil. He has been advising investors to look at Exxon and Chevron as possible investment opportunities but also suggests that investors keep a close watch on all of the issues surrounding oil in the world. As a man who is an expert in the natural resources investing sector, investors would be wise to pay attention to any suggestions that Matt Badiali makes.

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