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OSI Group has the Experience and Expertise to be Dominate Global Meat Supplier

OSI Group is a premiere company that provides wide variety of meat products for various restaurants and grocery stores across the world. This company has been around for over 100 years and their vast experience in the meat and food industry is hard to beat. Let’s discover why OSI Group is a dominate force in the international food industry market. OSI was originally known as Otto. It was started by a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky. He first opened his meat business in 1909. He did a lot of great business and eventually rebranded his butcher shop to Otto and sons in 1928. Since that time, Otto and Sons had evolved to become a premiere meat producer.

They really broke into the food industry during the 1950’s when Ray Kroc used their business to supply the first McDonald’s chains. People might not have realized this, but the early days of McDonald’s famous burgers was being supplied by Otto and Sons. As time passed, Otto and Sons no longer provided McDonald’s with their meat products. However, the business figured out how they could supply other restaurant chains based off the experience they gained from working with McDonalds. Soon, OSI Group had evolved into a legitimate company. They were rebranded OSI Industries in 1975. Their new name was OSI Industries. They were now a legitimate company with a national and international scope. OSI was ready to expand into other parts of the world by the late 80s.

OSI had remained with and even expanded into other markets following McDonald’s up until 90s. Once again, they no longer provide U.S. based McDonald’s with their food sources. OSI now has locations in 17 different countries. They are steadily expanding into the world’s meat markets. Keep in mind that the meat market is expected to grow significantly by the year 2026. Right now, OSI is placing themselves in a good position to take advantage of that growth. They had opened up new plants in Europe to handle the emerging meat markets that are developing within this region of the world. As of 2018, OSI Group is now a huge success and their presence in the global meat industry cannot be easily dismissed.

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