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What you need to Know about Adam Milstein

There is a difference between finding ways to become wealthy and finding your purpose in life. As much as having money to spend whenever you want to is great; it is not fulfilling when you do not know what your gift to humanity is. For Adam Milstein, apart from being a great businessman, he is also a custodian of the Jewish culture. He says that it is ensuring that he does a little of the humanitarian work every day that makes him feel complete.

Adam and his wife Gila are co-founders of the Sifriyat Pijama B’America. The organization supplies free copies of the Jewish culture to the Israeli-Jewish-American families on a monthly basis. The books teach the families about the values of Jewish culture. They are currently supplying the books to more than 15000 families.

Professionally, Adam Milstein is the managing partner at the Hager Pacific Properties. He says that when he was at the university acquiring higher education, many people came to recruit the students. However, he realized that they underestimated his knowledge and gave him very poor offers. At this point, he realized that the only way he could get what he was worth; was by fighting to get his space. He began as a broker in the real estate and later decided to work for himself.

Adam Milstein says that he doesn’t have any specific routine that he follows. He explains that the structure of a business changes as its assets increases. This doesn’t mean that his day goes to the drain, his very committed to ensuring that everything he wants to be done is done. He adds that if someone else can’t do it, it should be up to you to ensure it’s done. Adam Milstein does much by himself and follows up to see that the delegated duties are implemented.

The attribute that makes Milstein successful is consistency in his job. He ensures that he regularly puts in his best in his job. Milstein is also persistent in everything he does. When asked what he could differently if he went back in time, he confidently says he believes he has made all the right decisions.

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