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Prison Communication

Securus technologies enhance inmate communication with innovative products and services 1

Securus Technologies was established in 1986 not only to serve inmates but also to provide cutting-edge technology that will help to curb insecurity cases in the country that is as a result of crimes. Securus offers monitoring services and communication solutions to more than 2,600 corrections facilities across the United States and Canada. This, therefore, […]


Securus Technology Inc. is committed to connecting all things that matter and is here to connect and serve, making the world a safe place. Through this exploration, you get to learn how Securus is making a difference in the corrections, public safety, criminal justice, civil and law enforcement technology solutions.   About Securus Hiring   […]

How Securus Technologies Keeps Officers Safe

When I show up for work each day at the local prison, I realize that this could be my last day simply because the inmates would love nothing more than to hurt an officer. These inmates have no other authority figures to take out their frustration for their sentence, so me and my fellow corrections […]

Working With Securus Technologies to Nap a Suspect on the Run 1

When you work on the fugitive task force, there is no such thing as a set schedule. If I get a lead on a suspect at midnight, I need to be in my truck and to the scene as quickly as possible if I am going to get this suspect off the streets. The frustration […]

Securus Technologies Broke World Record of Inmates Calls

Securus Technologies is one of the best providers of civil and criminal justice technologies to aid in communications. The company uses VoIP technology to ensure that prisoners get a chance to connect with the outer world. The technology that the company uses allows inmates to make phone calls and video calls over the internet. Through […]

The Right Solution to Communication Needs

Securus Technologies, the leading producer of justice system based security and communication solutions products, has recently been accredited an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. This is a huge honor for the company, which can now add this special high ranking grade to their business model. Senior Vice President of Securus Operations, Danny de […]