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Nathaniel Ru Gets People Excited About SweetGreen 1


Nathaniel Ru is taking things to the next level with Sweetgreen. It started as a company that had salad. Now there is a lot of talk about the other things that have made people take notice of this company. There are a lot of different meals out there that people can get from the menu. With more than 40 different locations in New York and Los Angeles, there are a lot of people that love what this company is doing.


There is a lot of planning that goes into the restaurant business. Nathaniel Ru carefully considered everything that comes with building a new restaurant. It has been stated that Nathaniel Ru has put a lot of strategy into his locations. He has put the restaurants in affluent areas because he knows that the affluent consumers are going to be more apt to the possibilities of eating healthy. There is also a knack for putting the restaurants in places where casual restaurants are already in existence. This is all part of a careful marketing strategy. There are people that are going to express their desire to see more of these restaurants because it is a different trend. Nathaniel Ru knows that the word of mouth buzz is spreading fast, and he is working with partners to bring this to more places.


There is a music festival that has been created to promote Sweetgreen. There is even a campaign going to get Sweetgreen meals into schools. This is all very interesting because it shows Nathaniel Ru is doing what it takes to get the word out about this company all over the world. There are people that do not live in locations where a Sweetgreen restaurant is located, but they are anticipating it. This is the sign of good promotion. For most restaurants people do not give much thought to an establishment if it is not located where they are living. With Sweetgreen, however, there is a different vibe. People are getting interested in this company because it provides people with something that other restaurants have missed. Nathaniel Ru has made people realize that there is a real difference between what Sweetgreen provides in comparison to other restaurants.


The Answer to a Damaged Economy

Billy McFarland may have just become responsible for revolutionizing the way that businesses operate and save money on potential costs. The brainchild of this man is known as Magnesis, which is a social network of sorts that offers members the chance to save large sums of money. Discounts on social gathering points such as restaurants, bars, amusement parks and concerts are all covered.

The way that membership works is through a metal card that is attached to a member bank account. When a member uses the card to make a payment the discount is automatically taken out before the actual payment, allowing the member to save hundreds of dollars.

While this program seems pretty standard for normal people wanting a higher chance at normal recreational activities, it is actually much more useful for businessmen and salesmen who are looking to save funds on business meetings. Some of these meetings can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Through Msgnesis the same hundred dollar business dinner could be divided into multiple meetings instead, which will save companies millions of dollars annually if implemented correctly. This is an incredible opportunity for small and large corporations alike, allowing peace of mind for these important meetings to take place through.

In his quest to provide amazing savings to individuals, Billy McFarland has created a chance for professionals to change the way they operate businesses. This can be a huge game changer for corporate America, and an excellent way for a damaged economy to slowly mend its wounds and repair damage caused by years of stagnation.

Billy McFarland may be a young man just entering into the field, but he has already made so much ground and has advanced his career further than he can even possibly hope to imagine.

The Right Solution to Communication Needs

Securus Technologies, the leading producer of justice system based security and communication solutions products, has recently been accredited an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. This is a huge honor for the company, which can now add this special high ranking grade to their business model. Senior Vice President of Securus Operations, Danny de Hoyas, recently stated that through the assistance of the Better Business Bureau, Securus Technologies is now not only able to better serve its customers, but will also have this accreditation applied to anything about the company within print. This accreditation will surely increase sales for the company, as potential customers will be able to see the rating and judge that Securus is a business they can rely on.



Securus technologies is an interesting company in that it focuses its attention on providing excellent services and products to individuals either currently serving time within the United States prison system, or to those that work directly for the justice system. This technology is provided to inmates in order to try and serve their communication needs. Visitation hours tend to be difficult to schedule and adequately put in to place, with this Securus technology meeting their needs. Through a free application customers and their family members can talk to one another through seamless video streaming technology, successfully bypassing annoying wait times and providing incredible ways to stay connected.


Securus Technologies, due to their reputation and the added benefit of their recent accreditation of an A+ rating, are not only now able to better serve their client base but will be motivated to go beyond the normal scope of customer satisfaction. This is great news for current customers of Securus and even better news for potentially new customers currently looking into the company to provide their communication needs.


Markus Rothkranz Mango Blueberry Delight

Markus starts off by telling us he’s going to show us how to make an awesome tropical treat that could be an entire meal in itself or as a dessert. Either way, it’s amazingly delicious. First ingredient we start with is mangoes, Markus shows us champagne mangoes as those are his favorite, the texture is smoother than regular mangoes. The ingredient list for this recipe is mangoes, blueberries, mint, garlic, ginger, limes, and a pepper of your choice.

Cube the mangoes and add them to a bowl, add the blueberries, then you take the mint and shred it or chop it up, add the garlic chopped up or cubed, next will be the ginger. Markus warns that if you don’t chop ginger right you can get strings that almost resemble dental floss. A great tip on how to chop ginger to avoid getting these strings would be to slice it thinly and perpendicular to the growth of the ginger. Don’t cut it from the side but from where the ginger root came out of the ground. You then stack your ginger slices and cut from the side, once finished turn the slices and chop the other way so that you end up with cubes.

Markus says that this is also a great way to chop garlic. The last ingredient is the fresh lime juice. You simply halve a lime and squeeze over the fruit garlic and herb salad, be careful not to get any seeds in your mixture. Markus uses the juice of two limes but it’s completely to taste so you can add as much or as little as you’d like. When it comes to adding a pepper you can choose a serrano pepper which is mild or a habanero pepper for some kick. Finish everything off with sea salt, Markus likes to use a coarse Celtic sea salt.

You can start off light with no peppers and then gradually work to using them but Markus states it’s a party of flavors in your mouth that you’ve never had before.

This video was posted on YouTube and can be found here.

Davos Cap Calculator Bid to Make Real Estate Investment Analysis Easier 1

In Davos Real Estate Group’s bid to offer their clients a way to have a better vision of their finances when purchasing property in the U.S, the company has come up with a mobile application that will do just that. The application is referred to as Davos CAP Calculator. The goal of the firm is to give their clients investment alternatives regarding real estate that are in line with their financial expectations. In Davos Real Estate Group view, having a property as an alternative asset within an investment portfolio is a big plus.

According to the David Osio led Davos Financial Group investment committee; having property within an investment portfolio will assist minimize risk. David Osio goes on to highlight some significant factors in his analysis, which are diversification criteria, safeguarding against the inflation based on adjusted rental income ability to influence performance through improvements in the active (property) and improved levels of performance.

He, however, has some advice for anyone planning to plunge into real estate. He states that just like any other investment, real estate investments require special considerations and assessment. According to him, some of the factors an investor needs to assess are the capitalization levels of the property in time and the costs associated with buying, maintaining and selling the property. This is where the Davos Real Estate Group believes that the Davos Cap Calculator will come in handy.

The application allows the user to accurately determine the net income, cash flow and capitalization of their property. It also allows the user to enter mortgage information, if they have any, to see how the terms and conditions of the mortgage would influence the cash flow and profitability of the real estate.

According to the Director of Davos Real Estate Group, Gerard Gonzalez, the application is the handy work of Davos Real Estate Group’s team of programmers. He continued to say that the app is available for download on Google Play for mobile devices operated by Android, iTunes Store for iPhone and iPad at no cost.

About David Osio

David Osio has a rich education background having graduated from Catholic University Andres Bello. He made his career debut in 1981 serving as President and CEO of OPED Enterprise. He also had the chance of working with other companies before forming Davos Real Estate Group in 1993. The companies include Letco Commercial Companies, MGO and Banco Latino International.

Follow Osio @davidosio1

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Use Gooee LED Lighting 1

Have you ever had a room that different receive enough light from the outdoors in the day, and at night, you just wish you had more light? Then, you wan to deal with Gooee LED Lighting, whom will work with any situation that you have.

Gooee LED Lighting In The Home

The Gooee LED Lighting techniques will give you the right amount of light that you require in any situation. The staff at Gooee LED Lighting will be gal to assist you with your needs because they have the best lighting devices on the market.

Go Gooee LED Lighting For The Office

You want to make your customers happy, and that is what you will do when you have the proper lighting system so that they can see what they are doing while they are in your space. At Gooee LED Lighting, you will find that they have the answers to your needs. With excellent customer service, Gooee LED Lighting will work with you to produce the desired results without so much as blinking.

Get Gooee LED Lighting to make everything shine the way it should in your home or office. Make Gooee LED Lighting a place to visit whenever you have a lighting concern. They are always happy to assist you, and they will make sure that you are pleased with your purchase. You can’t go wrong with Gooee LED Lighting because they already know what their customers are looking for – they have been around for many years.

The Next Big Thing From Securus is All About Security 1

Securus Technologies, recognized and known for providing technological solutions to public safety, corrections facility and law enforcement agencies has done it – again. Most commonly thought of as a communications provider in relation to corrections facilities, which is correct, the need and requirement for security and safety in communications within these facilities is obvious. The latest announcement from Securus is all about that need for security.

 PR Newswire posted the news, along with some details about this amazing new tool being called the “Investigator”. The technical particulars and biometrics of the system is probably best left to the minds that are behind JLG Technologies and this new tool. What people need to know (and can more easily grasp), is that the Investigator Pro has a feature that can be described as voice recognition tool.

Using this technology, inmate calls and those who they call can have their voices matched to other calls. This might not initially seem like a big deal, but those in the service of corrections and law enforcement appreciate the power of this tool. Now law enforcement officials can link trends, recognize common contacts and use this information to uncover potential gang ties, suspicious activity and even crime before it happens.

The Texas based Securus serves more than 3400 safety, corrections and law enforcement departments while affording safe, fair and reliable communications options to more than 1 million inmates in addition to their family and friends. That sounds like communication – and a whole lot more.

Adam Goldenberg the Shrewd Business Mogul of all times 1

Adam Goldenberg can be described as a business mogul who right from the age of 15 was destined to success. Adam Goldenberg founded Gamers Alliance, which caught the attention of Intermix president. Three years later, it was he sold the company to Intermix media. At the age of 18, joined Intermix and was given the position of strategic planning Vice President. Going on, Adam rose to the position of CEO at Intermix. Having Adam Goldenberg as CEO at only 19 years old age marked a tremendous milestone for a public traded company.

During his tenure, Adam got the opportunity of establishing friendship with Don Ressler, an entrepreneur who had also sold to Intermix. In 2005, Intermix was acquired by another entity, and this drove Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler to incept their firm. The year 2006 saw them create a platform known as intelligent beauty. This was a platform that encouraged e-commerce by mainly tapping into health and beauty sector.

The Birth of JustFab

Adam and Ressler were driven by the passion fusing social interaction and top-notch fashion. In a bid to make fashion trend online, the two created a personalized platform on YouTube, hired consultants and designers. In 2010, JustFab was incepted. This is a community in which the members get to receive various fashion accessories according to their preference periodically.

Kimora Lee enters JustFab

Renowned fashion icon on, Kimora Lee was quite fascinated by what Adam and his partner were doing. This became evident after attending some of the company’s function and got excited. As reiterated by Don, Kimora is a fashion business mogul who steered Baby Phat to massive growth. Additionally, she has the capability of creating a huge fan base. Soon, Kimora officially made it to JustFab, as the creative director and president. This move signaled an escalation in the number of subscriptions, and the business grew rapidly.

This was a children’s fashion subscription service. Subsequently, the company also acquired European Fashion e-commerce, which resulted in the addition of members from nationalities such as France, Spain, Germany, and the UK.

JustFab’s Recipe for Success

JustFab has a keen eye on the number of subscriptions, and they are monitored hourly. If anything wrong is noticed, an immediate intervention is effected. Customer feedback also has a role to play in the success of the company. JustFab dedicates a team of employees who are willing to understand clients and give correct guidance. Above all, they maintain a high-quality of products, leading to continuous addition of customers.

IAP Worldwide Benefits 1

There are a lot of small business owners who need help with their supply chain and logistics. Over the past few years, there have been many new programs come out to help companies in this area. If you are a business owner and want to improve your metrics in this area, IAP Worldwide Services is a great option for you. They have a lot of things going for them as a company. As a business owner, increasing profits is always top of mind. There are many people who try to think about the long term with their company. However, often times it can be difficult to do so in the face of business competition. Your supply chain should be viewed as a long term investment. Instead of thinking about the short term, you should invest money where it can save you in the future.

Supply Chain Services

Running a business is a lot more work than many people realize. IAP Worldwide Services is a company that works to help business owners take their supply chain to the next level. If you have been wanting to earn more money from your business, the have a lot of unique programs that can help in this area. While oil prices are low, now is a great time to save money and deliver freight and products more efficiently. Read more: IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. | Company Profile from Hoover’s

Investing for the Future

Thinking about the future is something that every business owner loves to do. A lot of people do not realize that their supply chain has a lot of room for improvement. If you are a business owner, consider working with IAP Worldwide in order to improve your overall business condition on Monster. There are a lot of people who have done so and are now happy about that decision. If you want to take your business to the next level, they have the expert advice that you need to do so.

Final Thoughts

Running a business usually takes more time and money than many people realize. If you are someone who wants to start making more money, work with IAP Worldwide to get their thoughts on business. They will be able to find areas where your business can improve and work towards a long term plan for growth.

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The Bold Leadership of Helane Morrison 1

There has been a lot of mistrust in the world of finance. According to Hall Capital Partners LLC, this is largely due to the economic crash back in 2008, which left most people wanting to oversee their finances themselves. However, Hall has fought to rebuild that trust and accountability once again, pushing for integrity once again. This push for integrity is being led by businesswoman Helane Morrison, who is currently Chief Compliance Officer at the advisory firm that is based in San Francisco. According to Helane Morrison, she aims to make sure every deal made with clients is both “solid” and “ethical.”

I am surprised by just how humble her beginnings were. Before she became such a prominent figure in the field of finance, Morrison received a B.S. in Journalism from Northwestern University, and would go on to earn a J.D. from the University of California at Berkeley, School of Law. For those who have met Morrison, she has been described as “hardworking” and “assertive.” She practiced law and was made partner at Falk & Rabkin in 1991.

Helane’s leadership was displayed even before joining Hall. She headed the San Francisco Office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission from 1999 to 2007. When she was given the title in 1999, she said that one of her mail goals was to “keep the office momentum going.” At that time, she was one of a handful of women administrators who were in the company.

Aside from her current title as Chief Compliance officer, Morrison seasonally speaks on issues related to her field. She is also a member of the Board to the American Bar Associates. Throughout her entire career, Helane Morrison has proven that she is an ambitious business woman that still believes in ethics in business. I am impressed by her resume and am happy to see that she is a woman who leads in what many would consider to be a man’s world.