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Jon Urbana and His Active Life of Varied Pursuits 1

The social media pages of Jon Urbana really are always happening. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are updated regularly with a ton of new status reports. Urbana enjoys linking to all sorts of things occurring on the internet. News articles, humorous pieces, videos, music, and more are all selected for highlighting. The various items on Urbana’s social media feeds are quite interesting. The content is so interesting, it leads many to want to learn a bit more about the man. Quite a few followers are already familiar with his life and interests. Others may be wondering who he is, and what is his background.

Urbana is always going to be known for his career in lacrosse, and deservedly so. He was a standout player on the field. Jon Urbana attended college in Pennsylvania at Villanova University. He was a lacrosse player in college and, truth be told, he was an outstanding one.

The very successful college sports career would lead to a professional career. After Urbana made a name for himself in the pro ranks, he remained active in the sport. Urbana operates the Next Level Lacrosse Camp. Based in Colorado, the Next Level Lacrosse Camp is a solid training ground for athletes of all ages.

Among the hobbies Urbana seems to enjoy the most is photography. Urbana takes many artistic photos and places them on his blog. Urbana’s social media sites are also employed to display all the many works of photo art he has produced. Urbana has an affinity for videos and music as well, but the photos seem to be more endearing.

Jon Urbana has one other incredible hobby. He is an active pilot who holds numerous certifications. The FAA has even acknowledged his amazing levels of accomplishments in his flying career. Videos related to his flying excursions are fun to watch.

Life is never boring for Jon Urbana.

The Liquor Industry Has A New Investor In Dick DeVos 1

Michigan based investor Dick DeVos is always looking to find new ways of adding to his business empire, and recently added the craft liquor production company Coppercraft Distillery to his ever expanding range of companies. The move was only seen by members of the media and financial experts when approval was given for Coppercraft’s liquor production license to be transferred to the DeVos owned Windquest Group. MLive reports Coppercraft Distillery founder Walter Catton III has already discussed the areas he hopes his regionally growing producer of gin and rum drinks will expand into the future.

Dick DeVos has been a successful businessperson for a number of years and is often credited with the rise to global prominence of the AmWay brand. Wikipedia reports Dick DeVos spent much of his childhood in the basement offices of the Amway business located in the DeVos family home; only after DeVos himself took control of the international business department of AmWay did the company become a global brand with rising profits from international trade. By the 21st century the company operates on six continents and has moved into various areas of business.

The financial freedom afforded to the DeVos family by the success of the AmWay company has allowed them to become some of the most important donors to many charitable groups across the U.S. through his family foundation. These include the chance for students from developing nations to earn an advanced degree under the Dick and Betsy DeVos Scholarship Foundation at U.S. based educational institutions as well as founding their own aviation high school in West Michigan. The school was formed in large part to further the DeVos’ dedication to education, but also because flight is a passion of Dick’s as he is a helicopter and airplane pilot. 

The latest venture into the distilling industry will continue a commitment to the people of Michigan that has seen the people of the state receive a number of benefits from the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. The Holland Township based Coppercraft Distillery has already seen a large level of growth since it was established in 2013, and now supplies gin and rum drinks to retailers across Michigan and neighboring states.

Learn more about Dick by connecting with him on LinkedIn or liking his page on Facebook.

NetFlix Continues to Build Web Streaming Empire 1

What NetFlix has done with web streaming is simply amazing. This company has gone far beyond what anyone thought that this company would do. It has managed to create an online community of local subscribers that are pushing the digital movie and television shows to the next level.

Currently, there is buzz about the next day streaming of “Better Call Saul” one day after it airs. This is for the fans that are trying to keep up with the new season. So many people have been able to see shows through NetFlix and this company wants to keep their subscribers very happy.

The online web streaming business was a good transition for NetFlix, who will be live broadcasting a fundraiser for ARAS being run by Jon Urbana next week, says Fox Carolina. This company would be the digital media company that would survive as Blockbuster Video closed the doors. It would be the business that would step up after Movie Gallery failed to adopt to the web streaming trends.

NetFlix has stayed above the crowd of competitors by developing quality shows and actually give customers access to a full season all at once. This has created a whole new wave of shows that people cannot see if they do not have an account. This is getting people away from television and leading them to the Internet.

Things To Know About Social Media 1

As a parent, you should always strive to take the initiative and look for ways to stay on top of your teen’s Internet usage. Simply being aware of what it is that they do and what they use that phone of their’s for should help you avoid having your child go wayward. The truth is that your child needs to be guided, and simply being proactive can help get them on the right path in their life.

Things To Know About Social Media

– “Likes”

Aside from general safety, you will find that most people nowadays will base their entire well-being and confidence on how many “likes” they have on a picture posted on Instagram. It’s sad that most people take their Instagram accounts so seriously, and it can be damaging to their overall self confidence in the future.

– Predators

With the help of several different dating apps and even video chatting apps, it is bed coming very easy for strangers to connect with each other for video chatting expenses. Predators are amazing people who definitely know what they are doing when it comes down to getting photos of young teens or even meeting up with them. Be aware of any dating apps your kid is using and also any other video chatting services they may have.

– Tumblr

As a parent, you don’t want your child viewing explicit content at a very young age. Tumblr is known for being the place to share your thoughts and feelings on different topics, but Tumblr can be a bit too stressful for you since it is the palace for porn to be shared. Countless people use this free website to share pornography images that easily could be considered deleted on other blogging platforms.


If you want your teenager to meet other great people and have good friends, you really need to think about having them use Skout. This app is very fun to use because at least your teen will be using it to meet people from other countries, and you can avoid your teen meeting those people into you visit that specific country. Social media is the place to be if you’d like to build your friendships, but as a parent, you really need to be cautious with your teen’s life and their activities.

Skout is a fun app to use to meet new people, but that doesn’t mean you should never monitor your child whenever they speak to new people.

Doe Deere; Of Being An Internet Sensation And A Successful Businesswoman 1

Doe Deere is a phenomenal woman. She is the founder of Lime Crime; an epic make up manufacturing company that has taken the cosmetics industry by storm. Many call her the unicorn queen but she is not just a queen; she is a queen who has struggled to reach where she is. She was born in Russia but spent most of her growing up in New York City. Doe is a believer. It has taken her a lot of faith to get where she is today. Part of the journey has been full of failures but that did not deter her to keep a fighting spirit.

To her, beauty is not necessarily natural but rather, what one feels comfortable in at the specific moment. With that in mind, she started her own make up products line up that is a bit different from what people are used to. Her products have made it much easier for women to not only conceal their imperfections, but express themselves in a much better way.

Lime Crime is not your usual line of makeup products. It is intensely colorful and it has a wide variety of cosmetics that have international users. The name was coined from her favorite color. All through her growing up, she has always wanted to make cosmetic products like lipstick, nail polishes as well as eye shadow. The dream became a reality and today, her products boast of being of the best quality, being unique because they are bright and being loved by many.

She is a perfect example of a businessperson who starts small and achieves success on her own terms. She is also not shy to support other women-owned businesses. She also believes that if women are empowered to run more businesses, they can radically change society for the better.

She has a busy day at the office that starts with her having a meeting with her Creative Director. She then meets and attends to any other important thing before proceeding to check on the previous day’s developments.

Doe is an internet sensation. In fact, she has relied on the internet for all her launching, marketing, and other related issues with for Lime Crime. She is also not afraid to create controversy provided it does not in any way affect her business negatively.

She is also very confident when breaking fashion rules. In fact, most of her products fans belong to that school of thought!. To her, it is not about sticking to rules if they do not make her happy but rather, doing what makes her feel happy at the moment. She loves experimenting with colors very much because she believes they help one in expressing themselves much better. In her journey to being successful, she has faced many critics who wanted to see her go down but she managed to shun their negative energy and move on.

Skout Comes Up In The List Of Top Ten Dating Applications 1

Those that are interested in online dating want to know the top applications for dating, and Julie Spira has created her top 10 list again for 2015. There are many familiar names on the list, including Tinder and Zoosk, but Skout made the list as well, coming in at number seven.

There is a reason why some people have given up when it comes to online dating and a lot of times it’s because they do not get any good results. A person may spend a lot of money and use a dating network for months or even years and still come up with an empty handed. No one wants to spend money and use a website only to get nothing out of it, especially when they’re looking for a date that might eventually turn into love and marriage. Skout was created as a great way to socialize online, but so many people were utilizing the network as a way to make a love connection that it was remodeled and turned into a dating network.

Skout didn’t see any loss in the number of members they had joining the network when it turned into a dating website because it was what people really want it. Over the years, Skout has transformed itself into a giant, and people go to the network to socialize with others online as well as to find a date. Although some people specifically use Skout to date, many have used the Skout network for both dating and socializing purposes.

Dating on the Skout network can be just as fun as dating someone in person, especially since a person can easily start sharing pictures and information with the other person right away. If a person ever feels uncomfortable with someone who was talking to them on Skout, then they can easily block the person, so the other person can no longer contact them. Safety is a big concern on any dating network, and Skout takes the safety of its users very seriously.

Teenagers like to use the Skout network as their socializing portal, especially if they are trying to meet others in their same age group. Teens who use the Skout network may also find those whom they attend the same school with on the network, and they’ll sit and chat on the network for hours. Skout has so many fun things to do that it’s a renowned network for dating and socializing as well as fun. Skout is free to sign up for, and the application is also free to download.

Shaygan Kheradpir looks forward to making a difference in Coriant 1

Shaygan Kheradpir, a common name in the telecom technology and financial service industries has been renown over the years. Shaygan was born in London after which he moved and grew up in Iran.

In his education background, Shaygan has a degree, masters and PhD in electrical engineering from Cornell University. After his graduation, he began his career at GTE Corporation where he really heightened the corporation’s potential.

As an information officer at GTE, Shaygan directed great skills working on the management and control of the network routing. Following the Bell Atlantic blend with the GTE, Verizon communications was formed and Shaygan was the president.

As the president, Shaygan led Verizon’s e-business division and contributed immensely to the company’s diversification into mechanization of operations and telecommunications. Later on in 2001, Shaygan came up with small teams that majored in creating and maximizing new products ideas. Additionally, he worked to the advancement of the upcoming technologies. In the original link;, together with his team of operating partners contributed extremely to the growth of videos, FiOs fibre and associated DVR.

Prior to joining Coriant as the CEO, Shaygan had resigned from Juniper Networks where he was a CEO. DiPietro who was the former Coriant CEO stepped down for Shaygan following his high experience in the technology and financial industries. Following this, DiPietro resumed to his position in the privately owned Marlin Equity Partners as the operating partner. He also became the vice chairman of Coriant with Robert Leggett the Chairman.

Being in the business and technology industries for not less than two decades, Shaygan is believed to have gained executive experience that will see Coriant through under his leadership. His guidance and insights on focused operational execution will highly be depended on to lead the company to its growth. Marlin Equity Partners who are the founders of Coriant are greatly confident of having a prosperous company under his leadership.

Business Leaders in Chicago 1

Chicago is the third most populous city in the United States boasting of a population of nearly 10 million people. Chicago city has experienced rapid economic growth, and as a result, it is today a hub for finance, commerce, telecommunications, and technology. According to Global Cities Index, Chicago ranks seventh in terms of ease of doing business, and in 2014 the city managed to host a record of 50 million visitors. These are people who came to explore the rich and natural attraction. There are also individuals who came for medications, as students, or business seekers, and as a matter of fact, Chicago City has transpired itself as a leading global commerce hub.

According to 2010 estimates, the City of Chicago gross domestic product is valued at $532 million. The burgeoning has made the city to attract major financial institutions including the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Chicago Board Options, Chicago Future Exchange, and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Chicago is also home to 66 of world’s Fortune 1000 companies and 12 of these firms have made it to 2015 list of fortune 5oo companies.

Various industries including manufacturing, aerospace, food processing and services have played a crucial role towards Chicago’s economy, and this is the main reason as to why Chicago is attracting leading business and marketing executives. One of the iconic players in Chicago’s business and marketing sector is Majeed Ekbal.

Mr. Ekbal just like other business and marketing executives are attracted to Chicago because of the numerous business opportunities that the city provides. Chicago City is also home to some of the most prestigious business schools. The infrastructure including roads, railway, airports, electricity transmission, and sewerage systems are world class. Besides, the business climate is also favorable courtesy of annual economic summits organized by the government in partnership with the private sector.

Mr. Ekbal doubles up as the Executive Vice President and also as the acting head of operations for Global Corporation for Healthcare Services (GCHS) located at 300 E Randolph St Chicago, Illinois 60601-5014.

Shoe in for Notre Dame? NCAA player of the year Matt Landis Senior year 1

matt landis worldwide
For those of you that don’t know who Matt Landis is, he’s the collegiate Lacrosse player for Notre dame that was recently awarded for his merits and overall performance. Named Epoch/LM player of the week,1st team All American and NCAA player of the year, Matt Landis is surely a shoe in for Notre Dame for his senior year.

matt landis worldwide
The Fighting Irish defense men and student-athlete continually shows his dedication both on and off the field and has big plans for his future in finance. He is a 20 year old Finance student at the Mendoza College of Business at Notre Dame and will be graduating this year. Even though college can be a grueling schedule, he clearly is on top of it and manages to keep everything in balance like school,Lacrosse and his part time job. He’s physically and mentally on point with his life and you can expect great things from him in his senior year. Notre Dame Fighting Irish will most likely keep him as their leader and starter and will see what records and merits he can master in his graduating year. Expect great things from this young Man. It’s a Win Win situation for everyone,and I’m sure Notre Dame fans everywhere will be pleased.

matt landis worldwide
His background is even more thoroughly impressive. Matt Landis is originally from Pelham, NY and holds many titles at Pelham Memorial for all the four years he attended. Capturing many titles for his team football team and Hockey team. He graduated with a 3.6 gpa and was a member of both the National Honor Society and the National Hispanic Honor Society making him top pick from Universities all over the country. His hobbies and interests include: skiing,hiking,golf,reading and skeet shooting. Volunteering and giving back to the Community are high on his priority list of things to do, and he is loved for that.

matt landis worldwide

Matt Landis has lead Notre Dame to an outstanding and remarkable year earning them records for performance and taking wins from the opposing teams. He led them with his outstanding performance and tireless efforts all year to being the #1 seed at the ACC Championship. Seems like a perfect match here at the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and this amazing defense men, Matt Landis.

Lawyers in Brazil: Selecting A Suitable Lawyer For you 1

Need a reliable lawyer in Brazil? If you or someone you know is going through a legal problem in Brazil, it is advisable to find a good lawyer for your case. Lawyers are available in Brazil, and it’s your responsibility to find the right one for your situation. You don’t just pick any lawyer you see out there, you need to do some research and pick a lawyer that is just perfect for the type of case you are dealing with.

To hire the most suitable lawyer for your case, it is critically important to access background information for the lawyer you are considering. After you have obtained a list of potential lawyers, you need to visit their website to learn more about what services they provide and how to have a consultation with them. You also should check with the Bar Association in your area, to find out any information they can provide about the lawyer you’re interested in.

A quick visit to online reviews will also provide you with a great deal of information about lawyers in Brazil. By reading the posts and experience of other people with the various lawyers in Brazil, you will be able to find out who is reliable and who is not.

While at the lawyer’s website, make sure you get their contact details so you can contact them later, to schedule a consultation, and for any questions you may have. Lawyers often offer a free consultation for the initial visit, so be sure to use that opportunity to find all you can about any lawyer that is on your list of possibilities.

As with many areas of the legal field, there are lawyers who focus on litigation, and those who specialize in transactional work. So if you want to apply for copyright protection or register a trademark, you certainly need an intellectual property law practitioner who does primarily transactional work. Those whose legal cases involve a lawsuit, will definitely want to utilize the services of a lawyer with great expertise in litigation involving intellectual property or entertainment issues.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho specializes in business litigation, and he is one of the most recommended strategists in the Brazilian legal system. He has represented clients for more than 22 years, and has achieved superior results for his clients. As a prominent lawyer, Ricardo Tosto’s leadership far exceeds that of his competition. Mr Ricardo Tosto has personally mentored many lawyers and has set standards for other legal practitioners to follow.