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The Charitable Billionaire: George Soros

George Soros’ life has not been immune from the horrors of the world. Born in Hungary in 1930, Soros lived through the Nazi occupation, falsifying documents and hiding his Jewish identity to escape the regime’s genocide that befell many others  and what George Soros knows. The defeat of Hitler would not end Hungary’s trouble as the country became communist soon after. Not seeing a future in the country, Soros fled to London to obtain a better life. Soros studied at the London School of Economics, making ends meet by working as a railway carrier and a waiter. Soros would later emigrate to the United States, where he would embark on a career in finance that would lead him to become one of the most successful men in the United States and read full article.

Soros moved to New York and began to work on Wall Street. After years of learning the ins and outs of the financial business, he launched his hedge fund, Soros Fund Management. Through his hedge fund, Soros has acquired a net worth of $23 billion. While many billionaires may have succumbed to the lifestyle of the rich and famous, Soros has not forgotten his roots. Using his enormous fortune, he founded the Open Society Foundation which has allowed him to fund and fight for causes close to his heart.

Through the Open Society Foundation, Soros has particularly taken up the cause of fighting and defending those outcasted by society. Soros donated to causes standing up for the rights of the Roma people and members of the LGBTI community. He has even stood up for the rights of users of drugs and sex workers and more information click here. Soros has also paid for scholarships and fees for college students from groups that have been marginalized by society and not always had these educational opportunities. After growing up among such repressive regimes, Soros has been a particular champion of democracy, freedom of speech and expression, and transparency in government. He has supported organizations such as the International Crisis Group and the Institute for New Economic Thinking, organizations that are independent and wish to further an open society. George Soros has used his vast wealth to become an advocate for the causes he is passionate about and given a voice to those who society casts aside and Follow him

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NFL Alumni Joins Cancer Treatment Centers of America to Offer Free Screenings

One of the biggest threats to men is prostate cancer. A person with prostate cancer stands a far better chance at treatment of the disease than someone who goes undiagnosed; therefore, it is far better to get screened at a younger age. According to an article from PR Newswire, “prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men.” Additionally, PR Newswire reports that one out of every seven men i diagnosed with some form of the deadly disease. The article discusses an event happening to provide many men will have the opportunity to get an examination for free as part of a new partnership within the medical community.

The big event is happening between September 1st and October 15th of 2017. This is an opportunity for all eligible men over 40 to get screened for prostate cancer. It is a partnered event between some big players from the medical community along with the National Football League Alumni Association. The NFLA is being joined by Cancer Treatment Centers of America as well as Labcorp to offer 2,000 men a free screening. After the first 2,000 clients, the rest of the guys who are interested will have the option to screen for a low rate of $25.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been open since 1988 to provide a treatment alternative for people diagnosed with cancer. Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides clients with multiple types of cancer treatment options to support their needs. The approach they offer is centered on client needs rather than a systematic approach to healing.

As we approach the end of the enrollment period for the free screening, it is important to remember Cancer Treatment Centers of America offers new patients a staff of well-qualified and trained doctors, nurses, and technicians. The staff of oncologists have been trained to fight a wide range of cancer types. They are dedicated to provide the best care possible.


Julia Jackson: Empowering Wine and Women

Julia JacksonJulia Jackson and the sprawling legacy of the Jackson Family Wines includes Penner-Ash Wine Cellars, which is located in the green hills of the northern Willamette Valley of Oregon. Specializing in Pinot Noir and old-vine Riesling, one gets the luxury of the small batch care and exciting passion that goes into each bottle.The Jackson Family Wines is a family business, Ms Jackson is the youngest child of Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke. Julia Jackson has mastered her duties as spokesperson for the family and winery. Educated first at Scripps College, a liberal arts women’s college founded in 1926 in Claremont, California, where she received a bachelor’s degree in art, than continuing her education at Stanford School of Business where she pursued her graduate studies.

Jackson duties are not confined within the winery world but also includes running CamJulia Jacksonbria: Seeds of Empowerment Giving Program, which she founded. This program awards $100,000 annually in grants to not-for-profit organizations that foster empowerment in women and acknowledges those who have overcome difficulties, celebrates the strength of women in leadership roles and honors women mentors.Jackson herself embraces Seeds of Empowerment’s mission. She and her sister, Katherine are working vintners, and her mother oversees daily operations as an owner.Julia Jackson has graciously, and with pride, taken on many responsibilities working with the Jackson Family Wine while continue to participate and work in a leadership role with the Cambria: Seeds of Empowerment Giving Program.

Igor Cornelsen Talks About Brazil’s Banking Industry

In the recent years, Brazil’s economy has been one of the most turbulent globally. This situation has greatly affected the banks that are operating in the country. To this end, many people have been left wondering how the banks have been able to survive and stay afloat in such turbulent business environment.

According to PR Newswire, Igor Cornelsen posits that many banks have weathered the storm owing to their vast market knowledge and experience. They have also devised appropriate business strategies that are specifically tailored for Brazil’s turbulent economy.

The two banks of particular interest in the country are Itau Unibanco and Banco Bradesco. Both the companies’ shares gained about 30 percent in 2014. In the same year, Bradesco’s profits jumped by 28 percent while Itau’s bottom line increased by 36 percent in the third quarter.

Igor Cornelsen pointed at the safe loaning approach used by the banks in the private sector. According to him, the banks only lend money to borrowers who are most creditworthy. This approach protects the banks from bad loans that are potentially higher compared to if they were to loan to individuals outside this bracket. Individuals with less desirable credits only access loans from banks in the public sector. Read more: Investing in the Future Success

The obvious question remains: why Brazil? The answers to this question are simple. First, the country has abundant natural resources. These resources are used both locally and outside the country to make items that most people cannot live without. This way, investors are keen to enjoy a piece of this pie.

Secondly, the country has a fast growing middle class. This buying power is unmatched in many countries. It has helped in securing Brazil’s spot as the eighth largest economy worldwide.

A new finance minister could also bring around the Brazil’s economic stability anytime. It has been clear that in Brazil, the finance minister is an influential figure. The past ministers have used this influence to come up with populist policies. All these policies have failed to stabilize the economy. However, a new minister may deviate from this trend.

Finally, Igor Cornelsen points at the close link between Brazil’s economy and China’s. In the past, a stronger Chinese economy has always meant more demand for raw materials from Brazil, and consequently good prices. Notably, Brazil competes with China in exporting industrialized goods to Latin American countries. This information was originally mentioned on

Aloha Construction, Inc., the Dependable Company

Aloha Construction is a local industry leader, primarily operating in southern Wisconsin and the whole of Illinois. Their company consists of installers, field supervisors, inspectors, claim specialists and a hard working office staff that successfully manages to coordinate the many jobs the company performs with excellence. The company operates from their headquarters in Lake Zurich, Illinois.

The company was founded in 2008 as a small family owned business. It is still family owned, but over the years it has grown exponentially. As construction is one of the industries that survived through the economic downturn, Aloha Construction, Inc. is one to the success stories. Jobs are still plentiful with companies managed with the expertise of Aloha Construction, Inc.

The Farbakay family owns and operates Aloha Construction, Inc. Dave Farbakay is the CEO and president. He is a dedicated leader who seems determined to keep Aloha at the pinnacle of the construction industry in Wisconsin and Illinois. Currently, the company focuses on several areas of construction. They specialize in renovations, general home repairs, roofing, siding, gutters and window replacement.

Aloha Construction begins their work on many projects with a free 9-step inspection conducted by their trained and qualified professional inspectors. If roofing repairs are needed, their bonded roofers will do the job. When finished, you will have a 10-year warranty on that roof. The company also repairs damaged shingles and flashing. They repair and install downspouts and gutters, the system needed to protect your home from damaging water collection that leads to flooded crawl spaces and basements, ground erosion and mildew issues. Much of their workload consists of home remodeling and upgrades, which they do expertly. For more info about us: click here.

What sets Aloha Construction, Inc. ahead of other construction companies? It strives to work seamlessly with the industries that support their efforts. They develop healthy relationship with subcontractors, insurance adjusters, suppliers and company agents. They believe in customer satisfaction. They perform their many tasks for affordable rates and they seek feedback from their customers, so they can continually improve. Lastly and maybe most importantly they perform their tasks in a timely manner and efficiently, even ending by cleaning up the area where they performed the work.

Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund saves the human rights

Many organizations strive to advocate for the civil, human and migrant rights all over the globe. The organizations that promote human rights direct their efforts to ensure that all kinds of abuse of human rights are brought to an end while those that support civil rights concern their efforts to ensuring that all persons enjoy their fundamental rights. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The groups that stand for the migrant rights fight for the freedom of migrant workers and immigrants in general. Some of these institutions specialize in the services they offer to protect human rights.

Disability Rights, Education and Defense Fund majors in championing the rights of people living with the disability.

Also, other groups provide legal assistance to those who feel that they have been denied justice while others deal with educating people on the power of upholding human rights and generating policies directed towards shaping up public opinion in regards to the way they believe people should be treated.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund are involved in championing for freedom of speech and civic duty. The organization was started by two journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, following their arrest by the Maricopa County Sherriff Joe Arpaio while in their quest of defending the rights of the minorities and immigrants.

They were detained after proving that the grand jury proceedings sought articles covering the sheriff. Consequently, they sued the county and were awarded a compensation of 3.75 million dollars which they used to fund their activities. This organization is concerned with the implementation of the principles of the constitution and achieving equal justice for all.

The Arizona Project Justice provides legal assistance to people serving sentences in prison and who feel that they were denied justice. This group does this in liaison with various law schools and volunteer lawyers.

The Disability Rights Education Fund is an organization that advocates for the rights of the disabled by equipping them with skills to enable them to get the education and earn a living. Freedom of speech is a universal right, and that is why PEN America concerts its efforts to ensure that individuals are not barred from expressing their views particularly through writing.

The American Immigration Lawyers Association that has been in existence for 71 years and has tirelessly advocated for immigrants’ rights. Coalition for Humane Immigration Rights of Los Angeles has evolved from being a local institution to a global body that generates policies and tries to influence public opinion to ensure that human beings and particularly workers are treated with dignity.

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Freedom Financial Asset Management Vice President gives valuable Tips to Parents

The final month of summer has officially begun, and most parents are now getting started to think about upcoming school year. Back-to-school activities are some of the worst nightmares that parents face as most find it hard to adjust themselves. However, Kelvin Gallegos, the current vice president shares that Freedom Financial Asset Management has these few tips that may help parents. Being one of the successful personnel in a financial management company, it is evident that he knows enough about planning or getting organized. The following are some of the core points that every parent should consider.

1. Have a Solid supply list

Having a plan is a key thing that every person should have. Kelvin Gallegos confesses of always writing down a firm plan both at personal and at managerial level. Writing down a supply list does not necessarily mean that you don’t have enough money, but it’s a vital part of being organized and thorough. He says that a well written down supply list promotes healthy money management.

2. A well-compiled budget

Despite being in one of the most profitable organizations, Freedom Financial Asset Management, Kevin Gallegos recommends that having a back to school budget is important. The budget should always be built from the parent or child goals and objectives. This minimizes wastage of money or spending on stuff that does not matter. According to Gallegos, every coin matters!

3. Develop a routine

Everyone needs a routine; even wild animals have developed their routines. This makes it easy to manage our lives  increase productivity. According to the VP of Freedom Financial Asset Management, any company without a solid routine is as good as dead. Therefore, to avoid the hustle and bustle with kids, a parent should have a routine program or a timetable that guides and directs everyone within the house.

Adhering to these three key things will reduce the stress and pressure involved with back-to-school activities. It enhances proper self-management and smooth transition from late summer nights to early school mornings.

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How Madison Street Capital has established itself as a Corporate Financial Advisor

Madison Street Capital is one of the investment banking industry’s leading companies. The firm is based in Chicago, but it serves corporations from different parts of the globe. MSC helps businesses in dealing with the sophisticated corporate transactions, making productive investment choices, and accessing commercial loans. It is also well informed about the valuation of companies and the M&A solutions. MSC has offered outstanding services to top corporations that have hired it, and this has made it renowned.


Vital Care Industries was one of the major clients of the firm in 2014. The Illinois-based company was founded in 1984, and it is among the leading manufacturers of the sterile medical products in the region. Madison Street Capital played a great role in assisting Vital Care to get an excellent financial institution that would offer it commercial credit. Its CEO liked the way MSC’s professionals conducted the transaction.


The co-founder of the investment banking enterprise, Antony Marsala, was appreciated by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts for his remarkable performance in the industry. The organization nominated him to take part in a top 40 Under Forty award. The award was established to recognize hard working professionals who have been successful in valuation deals, mergers, and many other financial fields. Marsala also served as MSC’s CEO and has been in the finance sector for over 14 years. Learn more:


Professionals who serve the industry voted for Madison Street Capital as the winner of the M&A Advisor Award in 2016. Businesses that compete for the award must have made significant accomplishments in acquisition, restructuring, or financial deals. In the same year, MSC was also named as the best boutique investment banking enterprise ( It was offered the award due to its expertise in handling a merger that was worth less than $100 million.


The outstanding expertise of MSC also enabled it to win the 2016 Turnaround Award. It was honored in January 2017 for its accomplishments in a restructuring deal that was estimated to be below $25 million. Over 300 companies had been nominated for the category. Madison Street Capital’s dedication to fulfilling the needs of its clients has made it be appreciated by the president of M&A Advisors.


Madison Street Capital has been hired by many companies that need its corporate guidance. DCG Software needed the investment banking expert to assist it in forming a successful merger with The Spitfire Group. The company currently has offices in Great Britain and Pennsylvania.

Incredible Businessman: José Auriemo Neto

Jose is a Brazilian Businessman working in real estate company and focuses on developing both the commercial and residential properties in Brazil as well as in other countries such as the United States and Uruguay. In 2014, José Auriemo Neto was appointed as the Chairman of the Board of Directors and chief executive officer of JHSF Participacoes SA. He studied business and management and graduated from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado University, which is an elite Brazilian higher education institution in the city of Sao Paulo.

JHSF Participacoes SA is recognized as the first ever established company in Brazil to emphasize repeatedly on their revenues, which include shopping malls, airports, hotels and other real estate projects. The company oversees office buildings, hotels, and public developments.

José Auriemo Neto joined JHSF Participacoes SA in 1993 when he was twenty-seven years old. Shopping Plaza in Sao Paulo known as Santa Cruz was the first Magnificent Plaza project assigned to him and is integrated with a subway station. As a good businessman, José Auriemo Neto was recognized and given other numerous projects. For example, his company owns major stakes at Fasano Group’s Hotels and was in charge of developing Daslu Boutique and the significant 815 building at New York City Fifth Avenue. Also, they constructed the first private executive Airport in the country’s aviation industry and residential housing consisting of a complex of dwelling units at Las Piedras in Punta del Este, Uruguay, and three commercial skyscrapers which make up the Cidade Jardim Shopping Center. Jose Auriemo Neto also assisted these organizations with their first stores, Valentino and R.E.D. Valentino.

JHSF Participacoes SA is known to maintain the best practices in excellently managing all their development projects and offering outstanding customer services. Excellent leadership skills enable the company’s success.

The IDLife Company Offers A Great Selection Of Vitamins And Supplements For Today’s World

In today’s fast-paced world, many people do not always get all of the vitamins and nutrients that they should from their diets. Fortunately, a health and wellness company named IDLife makes a wide variety of high quality vitamin and supplement options that can be customized to meet each person’s needs.

The name IDLife is an acronym for individually designed life, and the customized nutritional supplements that the company makes fit that description precisely.

A great feature that IDLife offers to consumers is a free online nutrition assessment. After filling out the quick and easy assessment, the consumer will receive their own customized nutritional recommendations.

Among the great products made by IDLife are their flavorful protein and snack super food bars. Made of top quality ingredients, these yummy, non-GMO bars are organic, kosher and gluten-free.

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IDLife’s creamy and delicious vanilla bean and chocolate shakes contain no artificial ingredients and are naturally sweetened. These shakes are a good source of fiber, protein and antioxidants, and help to provide the body with essential energy. A vegan shake option is also available.

A healthy but tasty alternative to sugary powdered drink mixes is IDLife Hydrate. This sports powder mix is available in fruit punch and mango flavors, and helps to keep the body properly hydrated.

A line of energy booster products, and a workout line of supplements that are used pre-workout and post-workout, are popular items made by IDLife. Additionally, this American company produces weight management products, non-habit-forming sleep strips, a kid’s line of products, and a skin care line

In their mission to help people to have healthy and happy lives, IDLife also offers a corporate wellness program that can be tailored to work successfully in different workplaces.

In July of 2017, the forward-thinking IDLife company announced that it was entering a partnership with the electronics firm Garmin. IDLife’s wellness app is designed to work with a fitness tracker made by Garmin, and the fitness tracker can be purchased through the IDLife site.