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Chainsmokers Reflect Their Emotions With a Darker Tone of Music

Breaking charts for over two years now, The Chainsmokers, have taken a new direction. Starting off as a DJ’s in New York the dynamic duo, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, have been grinding to put out hit after hit. The beginning of their careers take place writing music for some Indie pop artist, and producing various electronic dance music tracks. What happens next is gold. The Chainsmokers started dropping songs like, “Don’t Let Me Down”, and “Closer” that broke top 100 charts on many platforms. Now, the band wants to take a step in a new and dark direction with their new single “Sick Boy”.

Alex and Pall claimed to have always tried to reflect how they perceive their lives, and how the couple perceive society in the band’s music. The past year for America’s aura has been eccentric and ominous, with the political scene and other varied crisis. So, to present this dark feeling in their music, The Chainsmokers, wrote “Sick Boy”. Diving deep into the depths of our consciousness. The new song looks at the narcissism in society, and weighs out the pros and cons. The song sums up that narcissism is looked upon as a negative characteristic, but if used in the right mind set it can be positive by helping you to evaluate and identity yourself.

This sensational duo has constantly been evolving in their personalities and music. It wasn’t until the release of the incredible song “Closer” that the band put their actual voices in their music. Setting them up for success as a tangible group that you can recognize, and not just the faceless DJ behind the turntable. The new song “Sick Boy” is another step to the Chainsmokers journey in the music industry. Changing from the normal upbeat and dance tempo the boy’s decided to take a darker role. What is next for the DJ/ songwriter/singer/ artist combo known as the, Chainsmokers?

OSI Food Solutions Doubles Chicken Production

It only makes sense that OSI Food Solutions; the greatest, if not the largest food producers in the world, would rise to the tremendous demand for a staple of the human diet: Chicken.
Now, the OSI Food Solutions massive team of 20,000 plus super-duper employees, does not create any demand for anything. They recognize trends and directions of population consumption and identify key swings in the industry of feeding the world and meet any demand that comes down the Pike. With Gusto!

This is not a lighthearted, business 101 effort at self promotion from the marketing department. The prestigious Globe of Honour Award from the British Safety Council, isn’t just passed out to a bunch of companies for fun. The British Safety Council is a serious organization, and if they recognize you; it’s significant. And in 2016, OSI Food Solutions was recognized; and awarded.

It always comes as a surprise to those who earn it, because those who earn it anddeserve it are always too focused on doing what they are being awarded for doing. OSI Food Solutions earned it, and I am serving chicken tonight to celebrate.

OSI Food Solutions has been rapidly expanding operations globally, but not because of the corporate textbook definition of growing or how to grow a company. The OSI Food Solutions rousing success comes from it’s employee ranks; every one of them. Success at the top level on a world scale cannot be explained any other way. They simply love what they do and do it better than everyone else. That includes producing Chicken, and thank goodness for that because Chicken is yummy!

Volumes can be written on the expansive growth of OSI Food Solutions, and will be in the future to be sure. Documenting the history of such companies is a best practice and always makes for good reading, and provides a blueprint for future employees who will ultimately take the reins and continue the best practices of a world class organization. An organization who’s roots run deep and are founded on a beginning based on family values and traditions.

Good stuff requires effort, and great stuff includes pride; pride in those who produce it. There is no secret formula for success. Everyone can paint, but only the masters can create Art.

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NewsWatch TV Reviews Have Been a Boost to Saygus Smartphones

Airing since 1990, and reaching more 96 million homes, NewsWatch TV’s weekly shows on ION and AMC have become a reliable source of information for consumers across America. NewsWatch is a desirable partner for companies like Saygus, a smartphone manufacturer, who need the world to know what they are up to. When Saygus started a promotional campaign with Indiegogo, the fledgling company was delighted to gain the backing of NewsWatch, even more so when NewsWatch sent a crew to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to capture Saygus’s smartphone launch.


Between the Indiegog campaign and NewsWatch TV, Saygus surpassed their initial investment goal by over $300,000. The company’s vice president, Tim Rush, had only great things to say about NewsWatch’s help and support, noting NewsWatch’s well-honed experience in messaging, targeting, timing, and delivering a message that resonates with consumers. Rush finds that connection between consumer and product invaluable for sales growth and to build a consumer base.


As the tech world has exploded, and companies like Saygus seek to reach consumers and clients, NewsWatch saw a niche market that it was well-primed to fill. Starting in 2011, the company began to expand beyond its more traditional news and entertainment offerings to provide more consumer-oriented programming for the technology market. In addition to highlighting innovative and exciting start-ups like Saygus, NewsWatch has also partnered with industry leaders like Sony, Siemens, and Audi, to review and market new and exciting products. Reporting on innovation has required NewsWatch to remain innovative as well, premiering a new program in 2012 called AppWatch that focuses on seeking out and reviewing mobile apps.


With a commitment to adapting to its viewer’s needs, as it has with an ever-evolving technology industry, and supporting the companies that want to connect with its audience, NewsWatch TV will continue to surprise and inform its audience for years to come.


Malcolm CasSelle Unites the World of Virtual Assets Trade

Malcom CasSelle is an entrepreneur. He attended Massachusetts institute of Technology where he studied and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. He did further studies at Stanford University where he received a master’s degree in computer science.

In his early career at Hong Kong, he cofounded a telecom company named PCCW which is currently valued at $35 million. He also worked in the digital industry where he led startup in MediaPass, a media subscription solution to media companies like Groupon joint venture. Additionally, he actively invested in big companies like Facebook and Zynga.

He has previously served sa the general manager of digital media at SeaChange international. He was also the president at Tronc where he did a commendable job of overseeing rapid growth of digital assets. Currently, he is the CIO of OPSKins and the president of World Wide Asset EXchange(WAX).

WAX is a market place that will allow buyers and sellers to trade their virtual assets efficiently. This will be enabled by a foundation of blockchain and decentralized smart contracts. The blockchain is coming in to solve the problem of fraud and fragmentation in the existing virtual assets market. WAX will also introduce tokens which will enable traders all over the world to trade freely and smoothly regardless of their differing cryptocurrencies. The token will be a common currency for all the partakers of the game.

WAX will also solve the fraud and security issues relating to delays and receipt of incomplete assets. It has smart contracts which will guarantee safe and timely delivery of assets. The blockchain and smart contracts will also quicken global exchange of virtual assets. The trading community will largely benefit from the WAX’s decentralization since the massive inefficiencies and economic frictions will be eliminated.

In conclusion, WAX is a platform which will be a big boost to the world of virtual assets trade in that it will open up the market to all traders in the planet regardless of their local currencies. According to Malcolm CasSelle the president of WAX, the platform will unite the world of differing currencies to one common market.


An American Success Story: Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is a Principal of the Fortress Investment Group, a global alternative investment firm. He also serves as Co-Chairman on the Fortress Board of Directors. The company was founded in 1998, and it is currently one of the largest managers of alternative investments in the world. The company experienced tremendous growth, and at a rapid pace.Fortress Investment Group maintains its headquarters in New York, New York. Peter joined the firm in 2002. It was founded by Wesley Edens, Robert Kauffman, and Randal Nardone. Mr. Edens is the Chief Executive Officer of the company. All three of the founders serve on the Board. Peter Briger was previously employed at Goldman Sachs for 15 years, prior to his appointment at Fortress. He held several positions with that company, including leadership roles in the areas of Asian Distressed Debt and the Asian Real Estate Investment division.

Additionally, he was responsible for the functions of the Whole Loan Sales and Trading group, and also for their Fixed Income Investments area business. At the time that Fortress Investment Group went public, both Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers were underwriters of the Fortress Investment Group in its initial offering stage.Peter has been sitting on the Board of Directors since 2006. In 2007, the firm went public. Peter Briger played a large role in its success to that end. Fortress Investment Group trades on the New York Stock Exchange.

The transition of the company from a privately held firm to a public company was such a success, Peter became a billionaire.The alternative investment company was the first in the country to switch from private ownership to public. Peter has a B.A. and an M.B.A., the first of which he obtained at Princeton University. He later attended the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania for his M.B.A. His career has spanned for several decades. The net worth of Peter Briger exceeded $1 billion in 2007, earning him a place on the Forbes list of the world’s billionaires, ranking at number 407 on the list for 2007.

Ricardo Tosto’s Hard Work Helps His Clients

The point of all the hard work Ricardo Tosto did was so his clients had a chance at a better life. He knew things would keep getting better for his clients as long as he could show them that things would get better. He also knew what would happen if he didn’t do anything to help them. For Ricardo Tosto, the point of giving back was so everyone saw what he was doing to help them. When people saw he was a positive influence on the communities he worked with, they would also want to work with him. It worked by making everything work like a referral.

Ricardo Tosto knew what people wanted. He also knew they had a chance to choose any attorney they wanted. He spent time making sure he was better than all the other attorneys. Since Ricardo Tosto knew what he could do to make a difference, he showed people there were options he had that nobody else did. As long as he knew how people could get the right type of help, he felt confident in the skills he had offered them. There were times when Ricardo Tosto knew what he had to do and that’s what led to him making sure all his clients get the care they need. Ricardo Tosto likes showing people how things continue getting better. There were things that just made sense to Ricardo Tosto because he knew how to help people through different things. It’s his way of showing people what will always work for himself and others.

As long as Ricardo Tosto can keep showing people what they need, he knows there are things that make a difference. He also knows everyone gets a chance to continue getting better as a result of the hard work he put into the business. For years, Ricardo Tosto knew how to help people. He also knew the clients got everything that would come from the legal action he took. It was his goal to give them everything that would help them be successful in the future if they needed to do things to get better.

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Alex Pall Interview

Alex Pall is a member of the band called The Chainsmokers. The chaninsmokers is a band with three members. They are: Alex Pall, Andrew Taggart, and Rhett Bixler. Alex Pall was born on May 16, 1985 in New York City. He grew up being a DJ, and eventually found out that his passion was in the music industry.

He met Andrew through a manager he used to have and he quit his job and went to follow his dream in Maine. Pall explains that when he met Andrew they both immediately clicked because they both shared the same interest in music. It was their dream. They were both very ambitious and they both knew what they wanted. They worked hard everyday and they started to come together and form an identity for the band.

Alex Pall also explains that they shared the same values in life and that it was very easy to get along. He says that at first, they did not want to cross the line and start treating it like a job, but they were putting in a lot of hard work. One of Alex Pall’s main goal was to be able to communicate with his audience at a deep level. he wanted them to be able to connect with his music and be able to fully understand the meaning behind it.

It is important for Alex to be able to a part of the song writing process and be able to actually put feelings into words. One of the things that Alex Pall really loves about his band is the fact that there is no age restriction. Any one can listen to it and vibe with it at the same time. He explains how some fans send him videos of their children singing it, while older people love the songs as well. Music connects people, and that has always been a dream of Alex Pall.

OSI Industries- Enjoying Global Business Power

The OSI Industries was started in 1909 by Otto Kolschowski a German immigrant, and it later expanded to become the leading food industry globally. The company is always on a constant road of evolving, innovating and growing to boast 200,000 workforces globally with 65 facilities and the main offices in Aurora, Illinois.

OSI Group main agenda is to service the restaurant and retail food industries. They have a range of resources and assets including packaging facilities, processing plants and global connections that makes the company the food supply leaders. The products produced by OSI Industries are sourced from various supplies offering high-quality products. OSI belief in providing the highest quality of products hence they careful source their suppliers. Their presence in 17 countries ensures they have large supplier chain that rises to the strict standards of the company.

According to Forbes OSI Industries is the ranked among the top 100 largest private companies in America taking position 58. The OSI Group has an annual sale of over 6.1billion dollars and boasting of the high reputation of the highest quality of services and products worldwide. The company is known for winning many awards with the latest being Globe of Honour 2016 presented by British Safety Councils. The OSI Industries has over 100 years of exceptional service, and it has continued to expand and grow tremendously.

It recently acquired BAHO Foods known for the manufacturing of deli meats, snacks and convenience foods serving the retail food services and segments and it makes OSI Group has a broader portfolio of products and also increase its roots in Europe. According to the Chief Operating Officer and President of OSI Industries BAHO food complements their current processing strengths and broadening their capabilities to serving their customer broader needs. The managing team of Baho Foods leads by John Balvers who is the company managing director will become part of OSI working together and executing the growth strategies of the companies.

The Baho food has five subsidiary companies with operating facilities located in The Netherlands and also in Germany and is known to sell its products to 18 European Countries. The managing director of Baho Foods John Balvers states that the combined effort and strategies of both companies will offer an extensive product portfolio hence accelerating the realization of the companies’ goals and satisfying the ever-changing and personalized needs of their customers.

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ClassDojo Is Moving Into Classrooms Around The World

About 7 years ago, many teachers were saying that they wished there was an app that could add to their students’ assignments and learning experience, and they complained that education was largely ignored by silicon valley. While America’s heart of technology may not be fully invested in education yet, things have been done to change the lack of apps, and one of those things has been the rise of ClassDojo. ClassDojo may not sound attractive, but this little app has become one of the most effective tools for encouraging class teamwork and giving parents updates on what’s happening in the classroom.

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, two graduate students were interested in building an education tech app that did things most other developers hadn’t thought of yet. They formed their ideas by visiting with different teachers, and they realized they didn’t have to load the user interface with all kinds of fluff. Teachers just wanted basic ways to reward student behavior, and ClassDojo made it simple for them to do so. Within just a few years of its initial release, ClassDojo added profile pages, a chat platform and story pages. Teachers can now contact parents through ClassDojo’s messaging, and students can get reminders when assignments are due the next class period.

ClassDojo is available on all the app stores and is compatible with Android, Windows and Apple products. It’s completely free to download and use, and there are no intrusive ads within the interface. ClassDojo has received several rounds of venture capital investments and has accrued about $30 million total, and all of that capital has been used to make improvements since none of it has been spent on advertising. Chaudhary and Don prefer to market ClassDojo through old-fashioned person-to-person marketing and having user reviews and blog posts promoting it.

ClassDojo also has become a secure platform making sure private networks of teachers, students and parents are not exposed to unapproved data mining companies. Chaudhary and Don have insisted that they will never sell or give data to anyone, and they’ve built secure layers to keep hackers away from user profiles as well. Right now there’s no hurry to monetize ClassDojo, but there are plans to add some premium features to it for those who want more out of it.

The Brown Modeling Agency: A Force to be Reckoned With

The Brown Modeling agency is a talent firm created by the merger of Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South. The Brown agency is the first of its kind as it is the only full-service agency in Austin Texas. Justin Brown is the former leader of Wilhelmina Austin and the CEO and president of the Brown Agency. Michael B. Bonnee is the founder of Heyman Talent-South and is partnering with Brown by extending his knowledge, skills, and experiences of the theatrical sector to the Brown Agency. Both are influential leaders in their areas, with extensive passion and success. Justin Brown began as a model for skinny jeans while in college. He later discovered that his real love was what goes on behind the scenes. He thoroughly enjoyed preparing models for the runway and assisting them in finding work. The merger is by far one of the most potent decisions as it creates a one-stop shop for clients and talent. Altogether Brown and his team will have the pleasant task of teaching aspiring over 450 models to be the master of their craft. They will be groomed and showed the skills they need to give their best performances and fulfill their dreams.




The agency helps talent find work by introducing them to clients which consist of large agencies such as Louis Vitton, Dell, and Toyota. Each talent is utilized based on the preferences of the client. Some clients prefer a more alternative look that consists of funky and grunge hair, piercings, and tattoos while others prefer a more conservative look. Brown and his team care significantly about the talent they manage. They do everything in their power to ensure that they are recognized for all accomplishments even small ones that bring them closer to their goal. Taking a look at the Brown Agency’s Facebook and Instagram pages provides proof in Brown’s belief that the agency is only as successful as the talent. Each model is praised for their success in jobs they’ve scored along with becoming a part of the agency. Overall, the Brown Agency is a firm that aspiring models should seek if their goal is to be supported in their personal goals and achieving success. Justin Brown and his team are by far the team you should want to work with. You can visit their Instagram page.