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Freedom Financial Asset Management Vice President gives valuable Tips to Parents

The final month of summer has officially begun, and most parents are now getting started to think about upcoming school year. Back-to-school activities are some of the worst nightmares that parents face as most find it hard to adjust themselves. However, Kelvin Gallegos, the current vice president shares that Freedom Financial Asset Management has these few tips that may help parents. Being one of the successful personnel in a financial management company, it is evident that he knows enough about planning or getting organized. The following are some of the core points that every parent should consider.

1. Have a Solid supply list

Having a plan is a key thing that every person should have. Kelvin Gallegos confesses of always writing down a firm plan both at personal and at managerial level. Writing down a supply list does not necessarily mean that you don’t have enough money, but it’s a vital part of being organized and thorough. He says that a well written down supply list promotes healthy money management.

2. A well-compiled budget

Despite being in one of the most profitable organizations, Freedom Financial Asset Management, Kevin Gallegos recommends that having a back to school budget is important. The budget should always be built from the parent or child goals and objectives. This minimizes wastage of money or spending on stuff that does not matter. According to Gallegos, every coin matters!

3. Develop a routine

Everyone needs a routine; even wild animals have developed their routines. This makes it easy to manage our lives  increase productivity. According to the VP of Freedom Financial Asset Management, any company without a solid routine is as good as dead. Therefore, to avoid the hustle and bustle with kids, a parent should have a routine program or a timetable that guides and directs everyone within the house.

Adhering to these three key things will reduce the stress and pressure involved with back-to-school activities. It enhances proper self-management and smooth transition from late summer nights to early school mornings.

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How Madison Street Capital has established itself as a Corporate Financial Advisor

Madison Street Capital is one of the investment banking industry’s leading companies. The firm is based in Chicago, but it serves corporations from different parts of the globe. MSC helps businesses in dealing with the sophisticated corporate transactions, making productive investment choices, and accessing commercial loans. It is also well informed about the valuation of companies and the M&A solutions. MSC has offered outstanding services to top corporations that have hired it, and this has made it renowned.


Vital Care Industries was one of the major clients of the firm in 2014. The Illinois-based company was founded in 1984, and it is among the leading manufacturers of the sterile medical products in the region. Madison Street Capital played a great role in assisting Vital Care to get an excellent financial institution that would offer it commercial credit. Its CEO liked the way MSC’s professionals conducted the transaction.


The co-founder of the investment banking enterprise, Antony Marsala, was appreciated by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts for his remarkable performance in the industry. The organization nominated him to take part in a top 40 Under Forty award. The award was established to recognize hard working professionals who have been successful in valuation deals, mergers, and many other financial fields. Marsala also served as MSC’s CEO and has been in the finance sector for over 14 years. Learn more:


Professionals who serve the industry voted for Madison Street Capital as the winner of the M&A Advisor Award in 2016. Businesses that compete for the award must have made significant accomplishments in acquisition, restructuring, or financial deals. In the same year, MSC was also named as the best boutique investment banking enterprise ( It was offered the award due to its expertise in handling a merger that was worth less than $100 million.


The outstanding expertise of MSC also enabled it to win the 2016 Turnaround Award. It was honored in January 2017 for its accomplishments in a restructuring deal that was estimated to be below $25 million. Over 300 companies had been nominated for the category. Madison Street Capital’s dedication to fulfilling the needs of its clients has made it be appreciated by the president of M&A Advisors.


Madison Street Capital has been hired by many companies that need its corporate guidance. DCG Software needed the investment banking expert to assist it in forming a successful merger with The Spitfire Group. The company currently has offices in Great Britain and Pennsylvania.

Incredible Businessman: José Auriemo Neto

Jose is a Brazilian Businessman working in real estate company and focuses on developing both the commercial and residential properties in Brazil as well as in other countries such as the United States and Uruguay. In 2014, José Auriemo Neto was appointed as the Chairman of the Board of Directors and chief executive officer of JHSF Participacoes SA. He studied business and management and graduated from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado University, which is an elite Brazilian higher education institution in the city of Sao Paulo.

JHSF Participacoes SA is recognized as the first ever established company in Brazil to emphasize repeatedly on their revenues, which include shopping malls, airports, hotels and other real estate projects. The company oversees office buildings, hotels, and public developments.

José Auriemo Neto joined JHSF Participacoes SA in 1993 when he was twenty-seven years old. Shopping Plaza in Sao Paulo known as Santa Cruz was the first Magnificent Plaza project assigned to him and is integrated with a subway station. As a good businessman, José Auriemo Neto was recognized and given other numerous projects. For example, his company owns major stakes at Fasano Group’s Hotels and was in charge of developing Daslu Boutique and the significant 815 building at New York City Fifth Avenue. Also, they constructed the first private executive Airport in the country’s aviation industry and residential housing consisting of a complex of dwelling units at Las Piedras in Punta del Este, Uruguay, and three commercial skyscrapers which make up the Cidade Jardim Shopping Center. Jose Auriemo Neto also assisted these organizations with their first stores, Valentino and R.E.D. Valentino.

JHSF Participacoes SA is known to maintain the best practices in excellently managing all their development projects and offering outstanding customer services. Excellent leadership skills enable the company’s success.

The IDLife Company Offers A Great Selection Of Vitamins And Supplements For Today’s World

In today’s fast-paced world, many people do not always get all of the vitamins and nutrients that they should from their diets. Fortunately, a health and wellness company named IDLife makes a wide variety of high quality vitamin and supplement options that can be customized to meet each person’s needs.

The name IDLife is an acronym for individually designed life, and the customized nutritional supplements that the company makes fit that description precisely.

A great feature that IDLife offers to consumers is a free online nutrition assessment. After filling out the quick and easy assessment, the consumer will receive their own customized nutritional recommendations.

Among the great products made by IDLife are their flavorful protein and snack super food bars. Made of top quality ingredients, these yummy, non-GMO bars are organic, kosher and gluten-free.

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IDLife’s creamy and delicious vanilla bean and chocolate shakes contain no artificial ingredients and are naturally sweetened. These shakes are a good source of fiber, protein and antioxidants, and help to provide the body with essential energy. A vegan shake option is also available.

A healthy but tasty alternative to sugary powdered drink mixes is IDLife Hydrate. This sports powder mix is available in fruit punch and mango flavors, and helps to keep the body properly hydrated.

A line of energy booster products, and a workout line of supplements that are used pre-workout and post-workout, are popular items made by IDLife. Additionally, this American company produces weight management products, non-habit-forming sleep strips, a kid’s line of products, and a skin care line

In their mission to help people to have healthy and happy lives, IDLife also offers a corporate wellness program that can be tailored to work successfully in different workplaces.

In July of 2017, the forward-thinking IDLife company announced that it was entering a partnership with the electronics firm Garmin. IDLife’s wellness app is designed to work with a fitness tracker made by Garmin, and the fitness tracker can be purchased through the IDLife site.

Senecal Exits CP+B in Change of Management to Favor New Generation Leaders

With hundreds of employees and ten international offices, Crispin, Porter + Bogusky (also known as CP+B) needs skilled and efficient managers such as the out-going Lori Senecal. Senecal joined CP+B in 2015 to become its global CEO. She was tasked with overseeing the global growth and expansion of CP+B and coordinating ten international offices owned by the agency. Having performed her duties satisfactorily, Senecal is set to venture out of CP+B. The agency is on the lookout for someone who will take the mantle from Senecal. Speculations are ripe that Senecal will be replaced by someone from Forsman & Bodenfors.

Before joining CP+B, Senecal was the global chairman and CEO of KBS. She also served as president and chief executive officer of MDC Partners Network; she still holds this position. CP+B co-founder and chairman, Chuck Porter unreservedly honored Senecal for supporting CP+B’s global operations, and he credited her for establishing an efficient management structure and communication processes. Porter explained that he settled on Senecal because of her “management genius” coupled with her organizational strengths. With CP+B winning major clients such as American Airlines and growing its revenues in 2016 by 21%, Porter believes Senecal’s tenure at CP+B was worthwhile. Porter further stated that during Senecal’s stewardship of CP+B, the agency lost no client an occurrence he describes as ‘’mind-boggling.’’ Check out Adweek to know more.

The decision by Lori Senecal to leave CP+B, according to Porter, was part of CP+B’s strategic plan that would give new generation leaders a chance to manage the agency’s global affairs. Recently, the agency promoted one of their employees to head CP+B Boulder and CP+B Los Angeles. Danielle Aldrich was made the President of CP+B West. She joins her colleagues Vinicius Reis; CP+B Miami and Brazil, Richard Pinder; CP+B Europe, and Bamboo Yee; CP+B Beijing in-charge of global affairs. Before her promotion, Aldrich worked for CP+B Boulder. She has been with the agency for 14 years. Perhaps, Aldrich was promoted because she was part of the team that brought American Airlines and Hershey’s to CP+B or because of her services to Burger King. Nevertheless, Senecal was excited by Aldrich’s promotion, and she believes she will make CP+B proud. She recently spoke about women empowerment at the 3% Conference.

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Securus Technology Inc. is committed to connecting all things that matter and is here to connect and serve, making the world a safe place. Through this exploration, you get to learn how Securus is making a difference in the corrections, public safety, criminal justice, civil and law enforcement technology solutions.


About Securus Hiring


Securus is built on a solid foundation and as a strong competitive industry leader. Securus also operates in an excellent customer service, teamwork, and innovative environment. Securus tries to find only the best people to join their team. The company wants to hire innovative associates seeking to impact positively in the world. The company also seeks exceptional associates who stand out and are ready to offer leading industry customer service. Securus also seeks focused associates with the commitment to focusing attention on the clients, while presenting exclusive services and products for criminal justice and civil agencies. Securus also seeks trustworthy associates able to serve to embody high-level integrity, transparency, truthfulness, and honesty.


About the Securus Business Associates


The company is also committed to its business associates, and the company strives in creating an environment culture that not only meets the business needs but also supports the associates. The company regards the hard work put in by their associates through corporate events, corporate culture, among other diverse and dynamic recognition programs.


Securus Technologies, Inc. is also devoted to same employment opportunity, with a policy to provide same employment chances for all the qualified applicants and employees. The company is also committed to fulfilling the policy that all people get equal job opportunities disregarding their religion, race, color, age or national origin. This policy also spreads across hiring, recruiting, training, demotion, treatment, promotion, termination, transfer and layoff, payment rates, recreational activities, training selection, benefits and compensation among other forms of social employment programs.



Sheldon Lavin has been at the heart of OSI Group’s great achievements. Despite being among the billionaires, his financial status has not changed Sheldon Lavin’s virtues of charity and humility. He willingly agreed to provide capital aid to OSI Group in 1970 when the group was in dire need of cash to establish their operations. His education background as a finance and accounting graduate has impacted positively in ensuring that OSI Group’s investments are managed accordingly. His great desire to help was shown when he agreed to become a financial advisor to OSI Group in 1975 as well as the group’s co-partner. His presence in OSI Group for more than 40 years has greatly increased his expertise in manufacture of meat and food products as well as his knowledge in understanding the consumer wants and preferences.

As a results of Sheldon Lavin’s active support of OSI Group’s success, the company has earned numerous awards for their immense achievements. Among the various awards was the international recognition by the Indian world vision academy organization in February 20th 2016. The award reflected the devotion portrayed by Sheldon Lavin in ensuring the institution grows into global powerhouse, specifically in food manufacturing industry. Under his management, OSI Group has also received large number of sustainability and environmental awards. His charitable personality has been achieved through his financial aid to Ronald McDonald Home charities among many others.

Sheldon Lavin has been the Chief Executive Officer and the chairperson of OSI Group, LLC. He serves as the president of OSI International foods group. His excellent stewardship since 1970 has elevated the group’s success and most recent rank of being among 58 most established institutions in the United States portrayed the great strides made by the company. In addition to OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin has been the director at Northeast Bank, director and president at Sheba Foundation as well as holding membership of Goodman theatre. Sheldon Lavin has found pride in watching other people excel and has gained tremendous praise from his home town entrepreneurs. His leadership has enabled OSI Group establish more 60 centers in different countries of the world

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Nathanial Ru Makes An Everlasting Statement Of Health And Quality With Sweetgreens

In a world where unhealthy fast food restaurants occupy almost every corner Sweetgreen stands out like a beacon. This is a charming restaurant that offers healthy, locally grown, and organic foods with a unique appeal and a delicious taste. There is not a short line at any of Sweetgreen’s forty locations because they represent exactly what consumers want in the modern food industry.

According to Nathanial Ru, Sweetgreen’s was created as a symbol to allow people to choose food of a natural and high quality. Technology played a large part in the success of the restaurants with the offerings of mobile apps and websites to make transactions smooth and easy.

Sweetgreen’s is not like other restaurants and even their corporate executives work at the restaurants numerous times each year. They never forget the focus of the business is the importance of their customers. Nathanial Ru has no use for a corporate headquarters because the company is about benefitting the customers. Everything started with three good friends attending college together.

Nathanial Ru, Jonathan Neman and Nicholas Jammet were the perfect combination to create Sweetgreen’s. Their mission was to bring a restaurant serving health choices to Georgetown and they succeeded brilliantly. Sweetgreen’s is an example of what can be built with common goals and teamwork. Nathanial Ru learned quickly the importance of surrounding himself with a team he could count on, a team he could trust.

Nathanial Ru is well educated and holds a BS in finance. He applied his education to the founding of Sweetgreen’s which began as a casual kitchen in Georgetown and has since expanded to 27 locations.

He never cut corners and developed the restaurants into a symbol of quality, health, taste, imagination, and excellence. The restaurants are still expanding and growing but retain the standards that originally made them popular.

Nathanial Ru believes people should be able to have a healthy meal within their budget, not have to compromise their values, and benefit their communities. Sweetgreen’s is so much more than a restaurant, it is a statement that appeals to the diners, the community, the local farmers, and the men responsible for the idea.

The Big-Hearted CEO of OSI Group

According to, Sheldon Lavin, who’s the Chief executive officer and chairman of OSI Group, has a profile that’s prestigious in the food and meat industry. Currently, he’s also serving at OSI International Foods Ltd. as the president. He’s always active in all aspects of the company’s many global operations, making sure that quality and efficiency are highly prioritized. With Lavin’s leadership and vision, OSI Group expanded rapidly from an enterprise of the domestic food processing to a global blueprint for business success. He’s been a perfect example of serving and leading for the young entrepreneurs. asked him what he liked about financial consulting, and he said that he always envisioned working for a business that he owned. Lavin’s educational background is in finance and accounting, so he decided to pursue that path professionally. He explained how he started in the industry of meat processing; the Kolschowsky family had built the first facility for meat processing in West Chicago. Lavin arranged its financing. The company was initially called Otto & Sons; it was named after the German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky; they later changed the name to OSI Industries. His continuous involvement with that company ultimately led him to become the company’s owner.

According to Larvin’s interview with, he said that from the beginning when he joined OSI Group he aimed at growing the company to being a world-class enterprise for food processing. He continued saying that OSI has over 70 facilities located in 17 nations. Innovation has always been in his DNA, but the company nurtured it. The company is passionate about giving back to their communities which they are operating. Lavin said that his vision for OSI Group is continuing having growth that’s profitable, serving world-class results to the degree of a polynomial (Nth degree), in every aspect.

Lavin is not planning to stop now; he’s devoted to supporting a sustainable supply chain, reducing environmental impact as well as ensuring socially responsible contributions to communities and workers worldwide. Also, he’s always generously donating to charities for chronic illnesses, Jewish organizations, college funds, and sick children.

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James Larkin and the Labour Union

James Larkin had a pivotal role in the modern Irish Labour movement. He was born January 21, 1876 in Liverpool, England and grew up poor. He was uneducated and worked a series of manual jobs before becoming a foreman at the Liverpool docks. He joined the National Union of Dock Labors and by 1905 was an organizer.

The early 1900’s was an unfair time for workers in many countries that were developing rapidly as new laborers were arriving in droves, and business owners were able to take advantage of their desperation for employment. Read more: Jim Larkin – Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

Wages were subject to decrease with the abundance of new and willing workers standing by to replace the previous labor for less money. James Larkin first used the phrase “a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay” and he would organize workers with the intent of bettering working conditions.

Larkin intended for all Irish Industrial Workers to belong to the same union with goal of improving their welfare. He later formed the Irish Labour Party and would be responsible for leading workers in strikes including the 1913 Dublin Lockout that involved more than 10,000 workers and lasted for almost eight months resulting in the right to fair employment.

After that notorious event, Larking seemed to experience one downfall after another. He would go to America to raise funds, he ended up joining the Socialist Party. In 1920 he was convicted of criminal anarchy and Communism.

He was pardoned three years later and he was deported back to Ireland. Back in Ireland he organized the Workers’ Union of Ireland and gained recognition from Communist International in 1924.

Larkin’s behavior grew more and more radical after the Lockout and he seemed to be more involved in his own agenda than in that of the Irish workers.

His personal life suffered as well beginning with his actions in America. His friend James Connolly died in the Easter Rising in 1916 and Larkin founded the James Connolly Socialist Club which contributed to Left Wing activities.

His wife Elizabeth Brown whom he had married in 1903, and two of their four sons had originally joined him in America in December 1915 but they left and returned to Dublin by August 1916. She yearned for a less active life than Larkin led. In 1922 she refused to help him get out of jail. They later separated and she died in 1945.

James Larkin continued to work for the rights of the workers well in the 1940’s. He did become mellower in the later years of his life when he focused on such issues as fair housing and opposed the Trade Union Act 1941. Larkin died January 30, 1947 in Dublin, Ireland.