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Ricardo Tosto’s Hard Work Helps His Clients

The point of all the hard work Ricardo Tosto did was so his clients had a chance at a better life. He knew things would keep getting better for his clients as long as he could show them that things would get better. He also knew what would happen if he didn’t do anything to help them. For Ricardo Tosto, the point of giving back was so everyone saw what he was doing to help them. When people saw he was a positive influence on the communities he worked with, they would also want to work with him. It worked by making everything work like a referral.

Ricardo Tosto knew what people wanted. He also knew they had a chance to choose any attorney they wanted. He spent time making sure he was better than all the other attorneys. Since Ricardo Tosto knew what he could do to make a difference, he showed people there were options he had that nobody else did. As long as he knew how people could get the right type of help, he felt confident in the skills he had offered them. There were times when Ricardo Tosto knew what he had to do and that’s what led to him making sure all his clients get the care they need. Ricardo Tosto likes showing people how things continue getting better. There were things that just made sense to Ricardo Tosto because he knew how to help people through different things. It’s his way of showing people what will always work for himself and others.

As long as Ricardo Tosto can keep showing people what they need, he knows there are things that make a difference. He also knows everyone gets a chance to continue getting better as a result of the hard work he put into the business. For years, Ricardo Tosto knew how to help people. He also knew the clients got everything that would come from the legal action he took. It was his goal to give them everything that would help them be successful in the future if they needed to do things to get better.

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Alex Pall Interview

Alex Pall is a member of the band called The Chainsmokers. The chaninsmokers is a band with three members. They are: Alex Pall, Andrew Taggart, and Rhett Bixler. Alex Pall was born on May 16, 1985 in New York City. He grew up being a DJ, and eventually found out that his passion was in the music industry.

He met Andrew through a manager he used to have and he quit his job and went to follow his dream in Maine. Pall explains that when he met Andrew they both immediately clicked because they both shared the same interest in music. It was their dream. They were both very ambitious and they both knew what they wanted. They worked hard everyday and they started to come together and form an identity for the band.

Alex Pall also explains that they shared the same values in life and that it was very easy to get along. He says that at first, they did not want to cross the line and start treating it like a job, but they were putting in a lot of hard work. One of Alex Pall’s main goal was to be able to communicate with his audience at a deep level. he wanted them to be able to connect with his music and be able to fully understand the meaning behind it.

It is important for Alex to be able to a part of the song writing process and be able to actually put feelings into words. One of the things that Alex Pall really loves about his band is the fact that there is no age restriction. Any one can listen to it and vibe with it at the same time. He explains how some fans send him videos of their children singing it, while older people love the songs as well. Music connects people, and that has always been a dream of Alex Pall.

OSI Industries- Enjoying Global Business Power

The OSI Industries was started in 1909 by Otto Kolschowski a German immigrant, and it later expanded to become the leading food industry globally. The company is always on a constant road of evolving, innovating and growing to boast 200,000 workforces globally with 65 facilities and the main offices in Aurora, Illinois.

OSI Group main agenda is to service the restaurant and retail food industries. They have a range of resources and assets including packaging facilities, processing plants and global connections that makes the company the food supply leaders. The products produced by OSI Industries are sourced from various supplies offering high-quality products. OSI belief in providing the highest quality of products hence they careful source their suppliers. Their presence in 17 countries ensures they have large supplier chain that rises to the strict standards of the company.

According to Forbes OSI Industries is the ranked among the top 100 largest private companies in America taking position 58. The OSI Group has an annual sale of over 6.1billion dollars and boasting of the high reputation of the highest quality of services and products worldwide. The company is known for winning many awards with the latest being Globe of Honour 2016 presented by British Safety Councils. The OSI Industries has over 100 years of exceptional service, and it has continued to expand and grow tremendously.

It recently acquired BAHO Foods known for the manufacturing of deli meats, snacks and convenience foods serving the retail food services and segments and it makes OSI Group has a broader portfolio of products and also increase its roots in Europe. According to the Chief Operating Officer and President of OSI Industries BAHO food complements their current processing strengths and broadening their capabilities to serving their customer broader needs. The managing team of Baho Foods leads by John Balvers who is the company managing director will become part of OSI working together and executing the growth strategies of the companies.

The Baho food has five subsidiary companies with operating facilities located in The Netherlands and also in Germany and is known to sell its products to 18 European Countries. The managing director of Baho Foods John Balvers states that the combined effort and strategies of both companies will offer an extensive product portfolio hence accelerating the realization of the companies’ goals and satisfying the ever-changing and personalized needs of their customers.


ClassDojo Is Moving Into Classrooms Around The World

About 7 years ago, many teachers were saying that they wished there was an app that could add to their students’ assignments and learning experience, and they complained that education was largely ignored by silicon valley. While America’s heart of technology may not be fully invested in education yet, things have been done to change the lack of apps, and one of those things has been the rise of ClassDojo. ClassDojo may not sound attractive, but this little app has become one of the most effective tools for encouraging class teamwork and giving parents updates on what’s happening in the classroom.

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, two graduate students were interested in building an education tech app that did things most other developers hadn’t thought of yet. They formed their ideas by visiting with different teachers, and they realized they didn’t have to load the user interface with all kinds of fluff. Teachers just wanted basic ways to reward student behavior, and ClassDojo made it simple for them to do so. Within just a few years of its initial release, ClassDojo added profile pages, a chat platform and story pages. Teachers can now contact parents through ClassDojo’s messaging, and students can get reminders when assignments are due the next class period.

ClassDojo is available on all the app stores and is compatible with Android, Windows and Apple products. It’s completely free to download and use, and there are no intrusive ads within the interface. ClassDojo has received several rounds of venture capital investments and has accrued about $30 million total, and all of that capital has been used to make improvements since none of it has been spent on advertising. Chaudhary and Don prefer to market ClassDojo through old-fashioned person-to-person marketing and having user reviews and blog posts promoting it.

ClassDojo also has become a secure platform making sure private networks of teachers, students and parents are not exposed to unapproved data mining companies. Chaudhary and Don have insisted that they will never sell or give data to anyone, and they’ve built secure layers to keep hackers away from user profiles as well. Right now there’s no hurry to monetize ClassDojo, but there are plans to add some premium features to it for those who want more out of it.

The Brown Modeling Agency: A Force to be Reckoned With

The Brown Modeling agency is a talent firm created by the merger of Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South. The Brown agency is the first of its kind as it is the only full-service agency in Austin Texas. Justin Brown is the former leader of Wilhelmina Austin and the CEO and president of the Brown Agency. Michael B. Bonnee is the founder of Heyman Talent-South and is partnering with Brown by extending his knowledge, skills, and experiences of the theatrical sector to the Brown Agency. Both are influential leaders in their areas, with extensive passion and success. Justin Brown began as a model for skinny jeans while in college. He later discovered that his real love was what goes on behind the scenes. He thoroughly enjoyed preparing models for the runway and assisting them in finding work. The merger is by far one of the most potent decisions as it creates a one-stop shop for clients and talent. Altogether Brown and his team will have the pleasant task of teaching aspiring over 450 models to be the master of their craft. They will be groomed and showed the skills they need to give their best performances and fulfill their dreams.




The agency helps talent find work by introducing them to clients which consist of large agencies such as Louis Vitton, Dell, and Toyota. Each talent is utilized based on the preferences of the client. Some clients prefer a more alternative look that consists of funky and grunge hair, piercings, and tattoos while others prefer a more conservative look. Brown and his team care significantly about the talent they manage. They do everything in their power to ensure that they are recognized for all accomplishments even small ones that bring them closer to their goal. Taking a look at the Brown Agency’s Facebook and Instagram pages provides proof in Brown’s belief that the agency is only as successful as the talent. Each model is praised for their success in jobs they’ve scored along with becoming a part of the agency. Overall, the Brown Agency is a firm that aspiring models should seek if their goal is to be supported in their personal goals and achieving success. Justin Brown and his team are by far the team you should want to work with. You can visit their Instagram page.

Mike Baur: Selfless Entrepreneurial Insights of Business Startups

In Switzerland, new opportunities for business startups are increasingly rising. The lucky thing is the presence of people like Mike Baur who are offering chances for young entrepreneurs to build businesses from zero level. He helps in the launching of businesses through his program in Swiss Startup Factory. The program entails mentor-ship sessions where many experts from all over analyse ideas, identify opportunities, and link the investors with such persons. Baur adds that a high level of diligence is required in the process to have good outcomes. He highlights some three additional tips for starting a business.


Mike Baur begins by acknowledging that the first thing is to be ready for doing preparation and organizing your business. That you ought not to expect anyone to do it for you. He points that any opportunity to start a business relies on the entrepreneur who needs the commitment to ensure that it happens. The other tip is in ensuring that one is able to ensure that the business adapts no matter what. It is obvious that most business will not just pick immediately but may take some time. However, at that point, it is good to ensure that it takes the right direction in terms of adapting gradually. The third secret is in understanding the risks to expect and be willing to take them as they come. Fear of taking risk will keep one off unless they are ready and willing to take the risk. Baur explains that starting the business is not taking a risk. Risk-taking comes in during the execution phase as well as when one will be required to make the decision in the business. The fact is the risks one takes and how they deal with them in execution phase determines the growth the business achieves.


Looking at the career history of Mike Baur, it is key, to understand that his startup acceleration in business began when he was managing investments at Clariden Leu and UBS Bank. He was 16 years old then and he knew that this was the job he would do until he retired. However, irrespective of the financial stability and the respect he had for his peers and senior supervisors, he continued and left the job in 2014. Baur left banking sector due to some personal reasons. After that, Mike Baur ventured into the tech world to pattern with other minds like Max Meister in realizing more success. They are now the pillars at Swiss Startup Factory facilitating a lot of success in other young minds.


Sheldon Lavin, setting the pace in the meat processing industry

Sheldon Lavin is a man who acts as a role model to many people across the world. This is thanks to his determination and dedication to getting a better life factors that have helped him reach where he is now. He is the powerhouse and fuel behind OSI group’s success where he is the Chief executive officer and also chairman positions he has been serving for over four decades now.

Career growth

However, Sheldon Lavin’s journey to success began way before he joined OSI group. He is quite proficient in the financial and economic management sector and this can be attributed to his degree in finance and accounting. Nevertheless, besides the degree there are scant details about his educational background and information about his university and high school education remains undocumented.

As mentioned earlier, Sheldon Lavin’s boasts quite a rich resume because his career dates back to the early 1970’s when he used to work as a financial consultant for Otto and Sons. During that period Sheldon was still in the investing and banking industry and Otto &Sons had just hired him as their financial consultant due to his impressive skills and achievements.

This connection is what molded him into what he is today because he took on more and more responsibilities in the company. By the end of the 1970’s period, McDonald’s took note of his exceptional financial management skills and urged him to join the company. That is how he ended up being a partner in OSI group when Otto & Sons changed its name. Since then he has never looked back and in the next two decades, Sheldon Lavin proved that the sky is not the limit by increasing his stake in the company to over 50%. When his partner retired, Sheldon bought the remaining shares increasing his shares to 100%.

Contributions in OSI group

Sheldon Lavin is indeed a force to reckon because he has helped soar OSI group to unbelievable heights. For instance, under his belt as the CEO, OSI group has achieved milestones and he has helped the company bag the prestigious globe of honor awards three times. Additionally, thanks to his brilliant strategies, OSI group is now among global meat processing companies and is spread all over the world having more than 60 branches in 16 countries. Fortunately, the world has also been keeping track of his efforts and skills and in 2016, Sheldon Lavin was the proud recipient of the esteemed Global visionary awards.

Even though he is an A-list individual, Sheldon Lavin is quite a charitable man. He serves as a board member of various philanthropic groups such as the Goodman Theatre, Ronald McDonald House charities Rush University medical center and is also the director and president of the Sheba foundation.


A Brief History Of The Trabuco 1

Also known as a trebuchet, a Trabuco is a weapon used in sieges during the Middle Ages. This weapon, useful in battles, and originated in China in 300 BC, derived from an ancient weapon pitch called a sling or fundíbulo, commonly known as a slingshot. A sling consisted of a folded belt in which an object, such as a rock, is placed in the center and launched.

In the invention of the Trabuco, a piece of wood as added to the sling to provide a better lever. With the use of a traction bolt, several people can use this new weapon by pulling strings attached to a shorter arm of a bar containing a sling over an extended arm enabling to throw the projectile at a greater distance.

The use of the Trabuco spread westward by the Avars and adopted by the Byzantines in the eastern Mediterranean and Europe in the 6th century AD according to This weapon, also known to be used by the French in Europe at that time. Revisions made to the Trabuco to make it more useful with the reduction of people power by including a substantial pivoting or fixed counterbalance weight. This revision of the original became widely used throughout Europe during the Middle Ages.


The use of the projectiles in a Trabuco varied during battles in the Middle Ages and were proven deadly. The traditional method of large stones knocked down the walls of a city, fortress or castle. Wooden poles and darts on fire would burn buildings and cause panic in the inhabitants of the castle or town. Other projectiles that used by the Trabuco caused discomfort and disease inside the doomed castle or town include such things as feces, dead bodies of animals or people, body parts, any rotting matter, burning tar or sand, and sharp darts, poles or burning sand.

With the invention and use of gunpowder, the use of the Trabuco dwindled. The last known use of the weapon was during the siege of the Aztec capital Tenochtitlán in 1521 by a Spanish Conquistador Hernán Cortés. The method of limited gunpowder as a projectile was unsuccessful and led to the destruction of the Trabuco.

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Whitney Wolfe’s Awe-Inspiring Leadership At Bumble 1

Bumble is an outstanding dating application that is known for its amazing security measures, especially to women. The unique thing about Bumble is that women initiate a conversation. Recently, Tinder sued Bumble for copyright issues. It is worth noting that Tinder is one of its competitors. Tinder filed a lawsuit claiming that Bumble violated its two patents and illegally took its trade secrets. Interestingly, Tinder has always been interested in acquiring Bumble possibly to reduce competition. The lawsuit that was filed by Tinder was a way of triggering a possibility of an acquisition. Surprisingly, Bumble was not interested in working with Tinder and confirmed that the latter would never acquire it.

The chief executive of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe claimed that Tinder was intimidating her company because it is female owned. She added that Tinder was only interested in copying and buying her company but not to improve it. Whitney Wolfe said that Bumble would never compromise its operating principles and values and be part of a bully company like Tinder. She noted that her company would stand firm and shall never be shaken by corporate bullies. Mandy Ginsberg, who works at Match Group, said that they did not have any personal issues with Bumble. He said that the lawsuit only served the purpose of protecting the integrity of Tinder.

Whitney was one of the co-founders of Tinder. She served at Tinder for a short time before she left the company to start her own. Mandy says that Bumble copied most of its features. Both companies pair two parties who show interest in each other. Swiping to accept or deny matches is a popular feature of both companies. The major difference between the two is that Bumble is safer since women start the conversation.

Match Group had set aside $459 million to acquire Bumble but the offer was not accepted. However, Match group still shows its interest in acquiring Bumble. The details of the acquisition were not revealed by Match Group’s top officials. Bumble rejects all offers given by Tinder because Wolfe believes that Tinder does not aim at empowering her company.

The founder of Badoo played a significant role in the establishment of Bumble. Together with Wolfe, they combined efforts to launch Bumble. Bumble does not hesitate when it comes to exploring new areas. For example, it launched both BumbleBizz and BumbleBFF. Wolfe is an alumnus of the Southern Methodist University where she pursued International Studies.

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The Future of International Trade Agreements

In order for the world to operate properly there need to be people who work on the sidelines, keeping tabs on how everyone else is doing and trying to set standards to follow. These individuals are the ones that do the negotiating, the people who put their own reputations on the line and try and make real, positive changes occur. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | Ideamench

One of these individuals, Daniel Taub, is an ambassador who represents his home country well. He has an interesting past and one that has allowed him to make a great deal of change during the years he has been assigned to his post.

Daniel Taub has recently been involved in an international trade deal that has proven to produce a marvelous level of success. His post in London has given him the opportunity to speak directly with members of British Parliament and has given him a chance to move forward with a great number of deals in order to try and progress the needs of his own country; the Middle Eastern Jewish nation of Israel.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Daniel Taub not only has traded between the United Kingdom and Israel increased dramatically, it has increased by over double and does seem to show any signs of stopping. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

The agreement will allow Israeli businessmen to open shop throughout the United Kingdom, allowing them to generate revenue overseas and bring a much-needed boost to their economy back home. There have already been over three of businesses that have made this move already, and thanks to what Taub has done there will definitely be many more to do the same.

Daniel Taub has not always been a national of the state of Israel, he is, in reality, a citizen of the British Isles, born and raised. IN the 1980’s he decided to move his family to Israel in order to start a new life, one that was based on his devout Orthodox Jewish roots. When he originally arrived Taub began to work as a self-defense force combat medic before moving on to diplomatic relations.

He has quite a strong resume to look at, with the trade deal with the United Kingdom as well as an increase in international relations with Egypt and Jordan a few of them to mention. Daniel Taub will continue to move forward with more positive changes for Israel and the world.