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Todd Lubar Talks About His Entrepreneurial Journey 1

Todd contends that he has vast experience in finance and credit industry. Lubar’s passion is helping people to fulfill their dreams. He posits that the best way of helping people is by getting rid of the obstacles that prevent them from acquiring loans. Lubar makes money by finding the will in individuals to achieve their goals. According to the executive, most people spend their lives daydreaming on what they would like to achieve in their life, but few take active steps towards that direction. Lubar supports the people who dare to follow their passion to achieve their goals in life.

According to Hacronym, Todd says that he landed his first customer in the mid 90’s when he was working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a devoted loan originator. Here, he quickly learned about the conservative model of business. It is at this company that Lubar developed his business skills by working closely with financial planners, real estate agents, CPA’s, customers and insurance agents. Today, these professionals form a crucial part of Todd’s business through the many people that they have referred to his business. Lubar posits that he tries to put more efforts in his business to ensure the success of the same with relatively small setbacks. His top priority is to know everything that goes on in his business. Todd’s mantra is to pay attention to detail, as it helps him to make informed decisions. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

About Todd Lubar

Todd graduated with a speech communication major from the Syracuse University. The president of TDL Global Ventures has recruited a team of market professionals to cater to the diverse needs of its large client base. After working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation, he joined Legacy Financial Group in Arlington, Texas. While working for this financial institution, Todd played a pivotal role in growing the Maryland Office to generate millions of dollars in loan volume. He worked for the firm until 2005.

Later, Todd Lubar accepted a new role at Charter Funding as a senior vice president. The company is one of the divisions of Magnus Financial Corporation. The shrewd entrepreneur contends that mortgage banking has been his most impressive skill in the world of business. Besides TDL Ventures, Todd has ventured into other businesses, including demolition, recycling business and managing a nightclub.

Getting Rid of Your Rubbish 1

We live in a society where people are constant consumers. While this can be fun, understanding the importance of getting rid of things is very important. Removing clutter can make your live easier, make things look much better and help you to function much better. This chore is not always easy though and can be helped with the help of a rubbish removal service.


There are many reasons to hire a rubbish removal service. Such companies will make sure that no piece of junk is left behind. They are worth the cost because they have the necessary equipment and they can drive to the dumpster as many times as required to get rid of all the junk. It’s important to look for someone who makes sure that the removal is done quickly. Also make sure to discuss the price before hiring the company as different companies have different pricing procedures.


Clearabee is a standout rubbish removal company in the UK. Clearabee completes thousands of collections every month all across the country. They redirect over 90% of the rubbish they remove and offset it to their vehicles. They are the UK’s largest in-house man and van clearance company and have same day rubbish removal.


Clearabee offers a number of pricing options. There is a book now pay later package that allows you to pay later with your debt card. Other services range from 95 US dollars up to 225 US dollars. These services can also be booked online.

Adam Milstein, Philanthropist and Activist Instilling Strength, Courage, And Pride In The Jewish-American Communities

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American philanthropist who is very active in the Jewish communities and various organizations that help Jewish people, not only in Israel but America as well. He, along with his wife Gila, established the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation to provide support and strength for the Jewish communities through various programs in which they provide financial support or give of their time and other resources.


Adam believes that instilling pride and courage in the Jewish people is paramount to sustaining their culture and homeland. It is the youth that will carry the future forward for the Jewish people and Adam has invested his time and resources in organizations that seek to encourage the Jewish community to become leaders in their communities and take the Jewish nation forward into the future.


Milstein actively participates in many organizations that help Jewish people across cultures, not only in Israel, but in the United States as well, and one philosophy of he and his wife’s Family Foundation is to reach their target audience across many different age groups, from children on through to the various stages of adulthood. They call this the Life Path Impact and it is the second philosophy that the foundation upholds. The first one is Active Philanthropy which encourages those who help the Jewish community to not only give of their financial resources but of their time and effort as well. The third and last is Philanthropic Synergy which encourages other philanthropic organizations to come together and work together toward a common objective which brings to light the old adage that the ‘whole is greater than the sum of its parts.’


Adam Milstein is highly regarded in his professional and personal life and has received numerous humanitarian awards for his activities in the Jewish community. He was born in Israel and studied at the Technion- Israeli Institute of Technology where he graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Economics in 1978. He married his wife Gila in Haifa in Israel and then moved to the United States in 1981 with their two young daughters. Their third daughter was born after they moved. In 1983 Milstein received his Masters of Business Administration Degree from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. After receiving his degree he began his career working in commercial real estate as a sales agent.




Cancer Treatment Centers of America Collaborates With Allscripts and NantHealth

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has partnered with the companies Allscripts and NantHealth to create a custom, comprehensive oncology treatment platform called Clinical Pathways. The platform allows oncologists to be able to provide patients with evidence-based treatment regimens based on the integration of Allscripts Sunrise and eviti® platform that’s the first-of-it’s kind. The Clinical Pathways program provides information which can improve the treatment process without interrupting clinical workflow. The Nantos system contains comprehensive evolving cancer care data from hundreds of oncologists nationwide.

As stated on, the Clinical Pathways system is patient-centered and offers all appropriate treatment options. This takes the guesswork out of clinical oncology treatment by presenting customized treatment options that are safe and efficient. It integrates the latest data, complementary therapies and treatment regimens into Allscripts Sunrise EHR. This helps to optimize the quality of life of patients receiving cancer treatment while meeting their unique needs. It also provides more transparency about therapeutic selections and the delivery of care and improves treatment strategies and outcomes.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a Boca Raton, Florida based company. It serves adult cancer patients through a network of five hospitals nationwide. The company is known for its integrative approach to cancer care. It combines genomic testing, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation, surgery and precision cancer treatment with supportive therapies which enhance the patients quality of life by helping them physically and emotionally. This approach helps manage side effects which can appear during and after treatment.

CTCA treats international patients at their hospitals in Tulsa, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Chicago and Atlanta. The CTCA facilities are considered among the best U.S. hospitals for the delivery of quality care and an excellent patient experience. The CTCA facilities provides patients and their loved ones with comprehensive information related to treatment options and encourages them to actively participate in treatment decisions.

For more information follow CTCA on Twitter.

Working With Securus Technologies to Nap a Suspect on the Run 1

When you work on the fugitive task force, there is no such thing as a set schedule. If I get a lead on a suspect at midnight, I need to be in my truck and to the scene as quickly as possible if I am going to get this suspect off the streets. The frustration of not being able to close each case can really bring you down some days, luckily we have some resources that help us to put many of these guys behind bars where they belong.


The informants that we are in contact with all help us to get a read on these suspects, but the higher up the criminal, the less people are willing to talk. If a suspect is dangerous and on the lose, people are just afraid this person will cause them or their family harm. So in that respect, we really have limited ways to find these guys without inside help.


That being said, one of the standbys as far as a reliable resource was the inmate phone system. We could monitor calls and try to pick up conversations that could help us catch these bad guys. With the help of Securus Technologies and CEO Richard Smith, we now have a new inmate communication system in our jail that has changed the way we hunt fugitives. This Dallas TX based company employs 1,000 people, who all hold true to the objective of making this world a much safer place.


Once I was trained to use the LBS software on the phone system, I got immediate results. I was able to hear chatter between an inmate and family member who were friends with a suspect that was on the run. When they tipped us off to this inmate getting a new identity, we were able to close the gap and get him back in jail.


Beverly Hills Auto Group Will Hook You Up 1

Buying a used BMW over a new one just makes sense. When you buy a used car, you stand to save at least $20,000 dollars. You can even score a really nice customized ride for a fraction of the cost of having to customize your ride yourself. Another advantage you have when you buy used, is the fact that you have a larger selection to choose form.


Beverly Hills Auto Group will deliver the customer service you desire and they have the variety of luxury used cars that you seek,. Beverly Hills Auto Group even has a finance department that will get 48 lenders to compete for your business. Beverly Hill Auto Group is so confident in their cars that they actually encourage you to bring in your own mechanic to check things out. Beverly Hills Auto Group will also get you pre-approved for your auto loan in three easy steps.

Real Estate Expert Tammy Mazzocco 1

Do you want to learn how to invest in real estate, if you do, Tammy Mazzocco is the person who you should work with. She has a lot of experience in various areas of real estate. There are many people in her area who work with her on a plan to help take things to a new level. If you are looking to buy a home, there are a couple of important variables that you need to take into account. Over the years, Tammy Mazzocco has proven that she is ready and willing to make sure that other people are following in her steps. She is always mentoring young people who are in the real estate industry. Here are a couple of the best tips that she has for people who are ready to invest for the future. You can visit her Spokeo profile for details.

Buy Slowly

One of the best tips that Tammy Mazzocco has is to buy a property slowly. A lot of people go into the buying process excited about all of the different things that they are going to do. However, one of the best things that you can do in order to add value to your current situation is to start looking for deals. There are many people who just go out and buy the first property that they look at. This is not the way to deal with buying a property, and you should start to think about ways to do things differently if you want to have success.

For those who want to invest,in her Facebook page, the process should be even more detailed. There are a lot of people who end up investing in real estate and never really understand how they can make money off of the deal. Tammy Mazzocco can help you by providing advice in this area over the years.

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Opportunities for Growth in the Medical Field: Brian Torchin

The medical field is always changing and adapting to how people interact with it. Having the ability to change the pace at which you can diagnose, treat and deliver medicine and supplies, to how you hire people to work in the field is amazing. Technology, new ideas and great people bring an edge to healing. One of these people, Brian Torchin, has made many great moves in his medical career.

Company Creation

In 2007, the company HCRC Staffing (Health Care Recruitment Counselors) was created by Brian Torchin. HCRC Staffing’s main office is located in Pennsylvania, with additional offices in Delaware and Florida. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

Their services are great; they operate in all states in the USA and Asia, Australia, Canada and Europe. Medical professionals at HCRC cover a variety of functions inside the medical field, including staffing for physicians, chiropractors, dentists and more. In addition to medical staffing, there is also professional consulting for businesses offered.

Social Media Strength

The technology age has brought new developments in social media options, outlets and resources. Brian Torchin’s Facebook is full to the brim with information on HCRC, including updates on open job positions and alerts.

Job alerts recently mentioned are in Chicago, Arizona and Oklahoma for a variety of medical positions. Many of these posts are also linked back to the Twitter page of Brian Torchin. It is a smart way to branch out, and provide education of the company as well as career options to people.

Brian Torchin’s Facebook also mentions his education history at the University of Delaware and that he is the Managing Partner at HCRC Staffing.

Staffing and Consulting Advantages

HCRC Staffing has great ratings and reviews all over the internet, and their services keep expanding. More and more people are learning about the staffing options they have as healthcare providers and clients, as well as the importance of business consultation.

HCRC can answer many business consultation questions for you, from legal matters to marketing and more.

Succeeding In Litigation The Karl Heideck Way

Litigation The Karl Heideck Way

Litigation The Karl Heideck Way

There are many lawyers in the United States, let alone the Greater Philadelphia Area. One of the attorneys who have stood out among others in the area is Karl Heideck. He is a litigation attorney who has helped many of his clients to win court cases and get redress over breached contractual agreements. As a litigation attorney in the United States, Karl Heideck mainly represents clients in the trial process. This means that he spends a lot of time in court.

When he is not in court arguing cases, Karl Heideck is in his law offices offering legal advice to his clients. He has specialized in corporate law and has helped clients come up with contractual agreements that protect their interests. As a corporate lawyer, he also looks out for the interests of his clients during the making and enforcement of contractual agreements with other parties.

Follow Karl Hedeck on Twitter.

Karl Heideck is a litigation attorney but he is also good at other areas of law. For instance, he loves legal writing, drafting and research. These are important skills for any litigation attorney because most of the time, they draft submissions and handle a lot of paperwork for court filing purposes. As a lawyer, being able to draft legal documents well is a crucial asset.

In order to be as successful as Karl Heideck, young lawyers must not only work on their skill set but also discipline and passion. Being passionate about what you do is one step towards succeeding in it. Another important lesson to learn from Karl is that clients are your source of income. As a result, you should treat them professionally and put in your valuable time and knowledge in helping them win cases. Once you win your first case and the next, people will start to know you and refer matters to you.

Learn more about Karl Heideck at

At the Lung Institute You are one of a kind

At the Lung Institute you are treated as one of a kind. They know that each disease is different just like each individual is different. Because they recognize this, your treatment is specialized just for you, which makes for the best possible outcome. The patients also have access to any innovative trials. The Lung Institute provides treatment for patients that have all kinds of lung diseases and at all stages.

Lung Stem Cell Treatment has been used in over 3000 patients at the Lung Institute. In those patients with COPD, 84.5% have shown improvement. At least 82% of all patients that use the Lung Stem Cell Treatment have shown some signs of improvement.

During the stem cell treatment a small amount of blood or bone morrow is taken from the patient. This blood or bone morrow is put through a process to separate the stem cells from other cells. The separated stem cells are then introduced into the blood stream through an IV. Within just a heartbeat or two they are then pushed through the right chamber of the heart and enter the lungs. Once in the lungs, they are caught in the “pulmonary trap” and the healing there the healing begins.

Stem cells are self-renewing and can replicate. This means that they can transform their function to other types of tissue, such as damaged lung tissue. This is why this treatment has such great outcomes for those patients suffering from a lung disease.

Lung Stem Cell Treatments are changing the way modern medicine works, and the Lung Institute is on the forefront of this technology. They were founded in 2013 and now have 5 clinics throughout the United States. Anyone that have been diagnosed with a lung disease can get more information on The Lung Institute by visiting their website, and Facebook page.