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James Larkin and the Labour Union

James Larkin had a pivotal role in the modern Irish Labour movement. He was born January 21, 1876 in Liverpool, England and grew up poor. He was uneducated and worked a series of manual jobs before becoming a foreman at the Liverpool docks. He joined the National Union of Dock Labors and by 1905 was an organizer.

The early 1900’s was an unfair time for workers in many countries that were developing rapidly as new laborers were arriving in droves, and business owners were able to take advantage of their desperation for employment. Read more: Jim Larkin – Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

Wages were subject to decrease with the abundance of new and willing workers standing by to replace the previous labor for less money. James Larkin first used the phrase “a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay” and he would organize workers with the intent of bettering working conditions.

Larkin intended for all Irish Industrial Workers to belong to the same union with goal of improving their welfare. He later formed the Irish Labour Party and would be responsible for leading workers in strikes including the 1913 Dublin Lockout that involved more than 10,000 workers and lasted for almost eight months resulting in the right to fair employment.

After that notorious event, Larking seemed to experience one downfall after another. He would go to America to raise funds, he ended up joining the Socialist Party. In 1920 he was convicted of criminal anarchy and Communism.

He was pardoned three years later and he was deported back to Ireland. Back in Ireland he organized the Workers’ Union of Ireland and gained recognition from Communist International in 1924.

Larkin’s behavior grew more and more radical after the Lockout and he seemed to be more involved in his own agenda than in that of the Irish workers.

His personal life suffered as well beginning with his actions in America. His friend James Connolly died in the Easter Rising in 1916 and Larkin founded the James Connolly Socialist Club which contributed to Left Wing activities.

His wife Elizabeth Brown whom he had married in 1903, and two of their four sons had originally joined him in America in December 1915 but they left and returned to Dublin by August 1916. She yearned for a less active life than Larkin led. In 1922 she refused to help him get out of jail. They later separated and she died in 1945.

James Larkin continued to work for the rights of the workers well in the 1940’s. He did become mellower in the later years of his life when he focused on such issues as fair housing and opposed the Trade Union Act 1941. Larkin died January 30, 1947 in Dublin, Ireland.

Eric Pulier: A real life Tony Stark

Eric Pulier has been in the business of being in business for 26 years. Eric graduated with  Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude from Harvard in 1988. He is the co-author of “Understanding Enterprise SOA” and has featured in many news articles of the years. With a vast empire stretching from venture capital and cloud based computing all the way through to providing social networks for sick children and helping young adults to attend college. He even produced a movie in 2006 titled “The Little Death”, a micro budget mystery thriller film that premiered at the Atlanta Film Festival, winning two awards. One at VISIONFEST in New York City and the other at the Lake Forest Film Festival.

Eric Pulier true Entrepreneur with a heart of gold. Among his many Philanthropic feats he has, donated software, worked with the Multiple Sclerosis society and given his time to XPRIZE which is a nonprofit that manages public competitions to produce technological developments that could benefit humanity. Furthermore, as an inventor in his own right, Mr. Pulier has 22 patents to his name most of which are IT based. IT and software has been the concern for much of his career and with every idea or invention he has always thought of the betterment it would bring to society to learn more: click here.

One of his most exciting ventures to date would have to be the company he founded known as vAtomic. vAtomic is an internet company built on the idea that the physical and the digital world can be merged to create better experiences and that sounds like an exciting prospect.

Eric does indeed have a busy working life. However, when he is not chairing a board meeting for one of his many charities or inventing the next innovative product, he devotes his time to his 4 children and the dogs at his home in Los Angeles.

Things to Admire About Lori Senecal

When one looks at Lori Senecal, he will find a lot of things to admire. For one thing, Lori Senecal has run a few successful businesses and even increased the success of the companies that she has worked for. The industry that she works in is advertising. This is one industry that is helpful in that it allows companies to work on other aspects of business and not have to spend too much time coming up with an advertising campaign and plan for getting the ad out there. One thing that Lori does that makes the industry work in the favor of the clients is work fast.

One of the most admirable aspects of Lori Senecal is that she is focused. She takes the time to focus on the task at hand. She is also very efficient in the work she does. One thing that helps her get the job done and bring her company to a greater level success is that she knows her strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, she is able to work when she is at her most productive feeling. She is also someone who keeps an eye open at the market so that she can give tips to her clients about marketing. Check out Campaign Live for more info.

Another good thing about Lori Senecal is that she is always aware of the trends. It is important to stay with the trends if one wants to profit. In a way, marketing and advertising is a bit like investing. One has to be aware of the trends and invest with the trends. When one tries to go against the trend, it tends to work against him. As a result, he loses money. Lori Senecal is willing to share what she has found about the trends so that people can use this information to their advantage.

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Bob Reina: He Takes Action

When it comes to life, one of the most important things to do is take action. For many people out there, for whatever reason, they hold themselves back from taking action. They feel as though if they take action or do something, they will be mocked, ridiculed, and judged. What other people on the outside think of Bob Reina are not something he spends a lot of time worrying about or thinking about. What matters to Bob Reina are his customers and his employees. If they are happy and everything is going well within Talk Fusion, Bob Reina sleeps easy at night knowing everything is in order. Learn more:


He takes action to ensure his customers are happy at all times when they use Talk Fusion. For a lot of people out there, they talk about the customer being first, but they rarely, if ever, back it up. They put the needs of the company over the needs of the customer. They are failing to realize that without the customers, there would be no company. Money and success can do strange and weird things to many people out there. For some people, it goes directly to their head and they don’t know how to handle it. Learn more:


That is why so many people talk about the fact that the hardest thing for many people in life is handling success and being able to do it without becoming too egoistical. The minute that someone thinks they have it all figured out, they are falling down a very, very dangerous path. There is always something to learn, and even when Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion receiving awards and praise from customers, he is on the lookout for the next big thing. As far as his employees are concerned, these are people that mean a great deal to him. They are part of the fabric of Talk Fusion. Learn more:


At all times, he wants to make sure they are happy and living a life that suits them at Talk Fusion. They are part of it, and they are like family to Bob Reina. That is how much he cares about these individuals.


How Securus Technologies Keeps Officers Safe

When I show up for work each day at the local prison, I realize that this could be my last day simply because the inmates would love nothing more than to hurt an officer. These inmates have no other authority figures to take out their frustration for their sentence, so me and my fellow corrections officers usually have to deal with that anger and hostility. Each day we have to work hard to make sure peace is maintained throughout the facility.


One of the things we do each day is to sweep the prison for any signs of illegal contraband that could be used to make things go from dangerous to deadly. One weapon in the hands of an inmate could result in trouble for an officer, another inmate, or even one of our visitors. We do daily searches of cells for anything that should not be there. We do body searches of inmate and visitor during those times when they can see people from the outside.


When our inmate call monitoring system got an upgrade, Securus Technologies was there to make sure we had the best possible resource in our hands to combat these issues. The system is currently in over two thousand jails, and the company has a single objective of keeping our world safe for each of us. We learned quickly how to use the LBS software, and it showed immediate results.


My team was alerted when the call monitoring system picked up chatter from an inmate talking about a weapon he made from supplies he took from the mail room. One inmate was instructing his sister on how to mail heroin to him. We even heard an inmate tell his family how he is selling drugs for the local gang to make money so he could hit the commissary for cigarettes.


Understanding French Wine through UKV PLC

The subject of French wine is described by many as very a deep and daunting task. It can also be an overwhelming task even to the connoisseurs who are most experienced. The wine production and labeling in the UK has a very complex nature that many wine lovers seek to understand. We will discuss some of the basics that beginners need to understand.

Understanding the French appellation system is the first thing novices should do according to UKV PLC. French wines are mostly labeled according to the region of origin. The highest classification quality is Appellation d’origine controlee. Labeling a wine based on the region of origin gives the wine lover the idea about the altitude, soil, topography, climate and also the local tradition of the region. Although amazing wines are produced all over UK, there are a few notable areas that beginners need to know;

Burgundy: In Burgundy, both the red and white wine varieties are important equally. The Pinot Noir varieties of the Burgundy reds have complex and earthy notes. Burgundy whites are made using chardonnay grapes since they give the wine a light and mineral fruit flavor. Because of its vineyards, Burgundy has acquired a legendary reputation.

Bordeaux: This is an area that is located at the Atlantic coast. The region has for a long period of time being transporting wines to foreign nations. Majority of the vineyards in Bordeaux generate medium-body reds made from different grapes.

Loire: This is described as UK’s most diverse region when it comes to wine production. There are 87 appellations that are found along the Loire River, northeastern France.

Operating a small team of experienced fine wine consultants, UKV PLC is located in the UK and specializes in high quality wines and champagne. The wine company arranges private face to face meetings where wine lovers can consult with the company’s consultants. UKV PLC works together with a big network of merchants, brokers and traders who help is sourcing and drawing stock. The primary business of UKV PLC is usually based on acquiring, supplying and selling of bonded fine wine and champagne. The wine company sells wine either for consumption or investment to their customers. Instagram Photos.

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What Does Rubbish Clearance Mean To You? 1

What does rubbish clearance mean to you? Well for most London residents it means having clean streets and walkways. There is a sense of pride that comes from seeing your local neighborhoods free of debris and other trash. That is why companies like Clearabee are in the rubbish clearance and removal business. They want to see your streets as clean as other ones in your local area. There is nothing more satisfying, so why not schedule a rubbish pickup in your neighborhood soon.


When it comes to rubbish clearance, only the trained professionals at Clearabee need to be set in your smartphone. They will take all the hard work out of your trash removal needs and will do it at lightning speed. That is what it means to have rubbish clearance done the Clearbee way. Take time this season to schedule an appointment with one of their local area trash removal specialists. Get your streets free of debris and other rubbish this year. Make a difference in your local London neighborhoods by scheduling some time for trash removal and rubbish clearance. Get that unsightly trash picked up and make the world a better place.


Now is a perfect time to set an appointment, most trash and rubbish can be removed at convenient times of day for your personal needs. Don’t wait another minute to make the city a little cleaner and a whole lot nicer. Just call or visit the official website to set an appointment time and date. You will be glad that you did.


Whitney Wolfe Makes People Mindful Of Potential Dating Matches 1

It can be difficult for people to resist comparing the Bumble app that was created by Whitney Wolfe to another popular dating app called Tinder. There is a reason that there are a lot of similarities between these apps. One of the biggest reasons is that Whitney Wolfe was also on board when the Tinder dating app was created.

She knows exactly how this app works because she has put a considerable amount of time into the vision behind the swiping concept that has made this dating app so popular. Most people that have used the Tinder dating app will be right at home with the Bumble dating app. This is something that Whitney Wolfe did to establish common ground, but she did not put all of her focus on duplicating an app that would be identical to Tinder. What Whitney Wolfe has done instead is create the type of dating app that has managed to get people to talk about her innovative vision. Click Here for More Info.

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Many people are going to appreciate Whitney Wolfe because she has put herself in a place to actually change the dating app landscape. She makes people conscious of the potential dating matches that they have because she put the 24-hour period on the time frame that these matches are available. This alone is something that revolutionizes an online dating app industry that has become filled with apps where people sign up, create profiles and never come back to the dating apps.

There are a ton of single men and women that go to dating apps in search of someone to connect with. In many instances the people that are sending messages to potential singles will find themselves disappointed because the people they message are not even checking their messages on a regular basis.

The Bumble app keeps people mindful of what they are doing when they sign up for a dating app. The matches expire within a 24-hour period so this makes people mindful of checking their inbox. No one is going to want to miss a match if they are serious about dating and finding love.

Learn more about Whitney Wolfe:

Jason Halpern’s Real Estate Success With The Family Business JHM Development

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

Jason Halpern is a 1975 born real estate businessman who owns and runs his family’s business JHM Development. He started out on the job in 2010 and has put together investments worth $500 million in New York-based projects. One of the famous developments under the firm’s management includes the 184 Kent, which saw the conversion of an old warehouse into 340 luxury apartments. The group invested in the Cobble Hill Project and developed 9 luxury townhouses in the Greater Brooklyn Area. Jason Halpern guides JHM Development to maintain its lifelong mission in creating commercial, rental and luxury structures primarily New York and other areas with booming property business.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

JMH Development is a top of the art real estate firm that always puts put quality properties for customers. They infuse innovation in every project undertaken to ascertain that every structure is unique and progressive. The firm targets properties in Miami Beach, Brooklyn, and Manhattan that may need refurbishing and embark on million dollar investments to transform the statures. The firm’s interests in restoration are centered on the need to maintain a place’s historic value and promote the local pride. JHM’s team from the top of the hierarchy to the contracted handymen meet the preset standards in design and construction. The firm recruits professionals with rich knowledge in construction and branding technicalities and the ability to apply onsite information to output a customized end product.

Jason Halpern with His Wife


The commonly favorite Aloft South Beach is a JMH Development project that was undertaken in partnership with Madden Real Estate Ventures in 2014. The present building was a creative rework of the old Ankara motel. The launch of the hotel marked the opening of the first hotel in South Beach since five years before.

Jason’s Family

It was the first to have significantly bigger rooms in comparison to other hotels with the same rating in the area. The hotel’s strategic location at the core of South Beach makes it a go-to for tourists and other visitors. It is in proximity to a number of art galleries, a convention center, night clubs, a bass museum of art, boutiques and exquisite restaurants. Aloft South Beach will feature an exclusive outdoor pool, a rooftop deck lounge, a full-time fitness space, and a 2400 square feet space that would be the meeting place for business and personal matters. JHM’s management team plan to keep a continuous flow of clients by inviting artists for live performances at the W XYZ bars. Before the start of the project, Jason expressed his enthusiasm in it, confirming the frenzy that Jason Halpern is an expert in creating good rapports with the locals of where he works. Additionally, he is a serial philanthropist with a heart for the less privileged.

Another Startup For Eric Lefkovsky 1

Eric Lefkofsky is a serial entrepreneur with a resume of successful startups so extensive, it positively dazzles. His success record rewarded him greatly, and he’s now estimated to be worth $1.7 billion, so it’s no surprise that Lefkofsky planned to back away from starting new companies going forward. Lefkovsky played a significant role in the creation of numerous successful startups, including Groupon, Echo (a logistics company) and also Innerworkings (a marketing company), and now, at age 47, he thought he’d be taking a break and pursuing other interests for awhile. But then fate intervened, when his wife became sick with cancer.

Dealing With a Crisis

As Lefkovsky and his wife faced the reality of dealing with her illness, they fell down the “rabbit hole” that is the modern medical system. They attended meeting after meeting with doctors who were working to devise a treatment plan. What he learned, however, is how limited doctors are in having data on hand about effective treatments. This problem motivated the problem solver in Lefkofsky, and he decided to take action to learn more: click here.

Forming Tempus

Eric Lefkovsky’s crisis became the motivation behind the formation of Tempus, a company that’s dedicated to creating a working database, a molecular clinical library, for doctors treating cancer patients. The information in the database includes data on patients who have been successfully treated and what those treatments were. The data is a highly valuable resource for physicians, who can build on the effective treatments that have already been used, and develop even more medications and treatment systems.

According to Lefkovsky, creating a new company is stressful, and it wasn’t what he’d planned, until he realized how much Tempus was needed. The crisis became a game-changer, and Tempus is now on a mission to help other cancer patients survive and thrive.