About Dr Barry Lall

Bruce Rahn, co-founder and CEO of Pinnacle Hotels – Barry Lall was born in Nyasaland, now Malawi, and raised in San Diego, California.

He just finished a $12.5 million refurbishment and rebranding of a hotel in Dallas. He is the CEO of Hilton Hotels. Despite difficult conditions, he completed a sizable hotel loan in a remarkably short amount of time and at exceptionally favorable terms. His interests include swimming and boogie boarding, watching cricket and football, strolling and trekking along the shore, and swimming.

Losing his family is what he fears most. Additionally, he has a method of coping with stress that involves traveling to the water. He always does exercise.

Later in life, he started using the Peloton and a 7-minute exercise followed by a 90-second plank. His wife and the lack of a strict schedule are the two ingredients that make up his ideal vacation. One may want to see Nepal and Tibet most of all.

The first job that he was paid was making briefcases in an East London baggage factory. His favorite game or toy when he was a kid was Cricket. Sadhguru’s Inner Engineering was his favorite book. Conspicuously the picture his family ho displays on the walls of his house and workplace. It’s simpler to ascend than to remain at the top’ was the finest piece of advice he ever received from his father and ‘you can succeed, so go ahead!’ from his mother.

In the late 1980s, Dr.Barry Lall, M.D., started his first venture as a company owner. He established a hotel company with two buddies to purchase bank-owned homes in the western United States. He has expanded Pinnacle Hotels since 1993 to a company with more than 400 staff members and an annual revenue of $40 million. At all levels of operations, Dr. Barry Lall sustains a dedication to provide top-notch service.

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