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It is always important to have a rudimentary understanding of financial skills and money in your life. This is referred to as financial literacy. Sadly, there is only about one-third of people across the globe who possess financial literacy.


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The lack of financial literacy makes people more susceptible to scams, make bad financial decisions, live in abject poverty, and inadequately save for retirement.

Luckily, according to Eugene Plotkin, financial technology (fintech) will bring tremendous changes that will be of assistance to the macroeconomy, governments, companies, and individuals.

As people carry on with transitioning from a tangible economy that uses paper money to a digital economy, the dynamics are expected to keep on changing. TechWallet is meant to help people adapt to these changes and secure their wealth.

Eugene Plotkin is the CEO of TechWallet, an online platform that helps consumers find, compare, and buy high-quality tech products. Previously, Plotkin worked at Goldman Sachs as a Wall Street investment banker in 2003.

He later went to work at Melvin Capital as an analyst in 2014. While working at Melvin Capital, Plotkin developed a passion for technology and decided to focus on financial technologies.

He has served as CEO of TechWallet since 2014 with his focus on both innovating new technology as well as connecting new customers to great deals on technology.

Eugene Plotkin was born in Russia and attended Havard in 1996, where he studied Economics, and graduated in 2000. Plotkin has also been a consultant for numerous fintech startups.

Plotkin joined TechWallet in 2014 as a consultant and when he became CEO, he has since grown the company. He believes TechWallet will be able to grant people the financial literacy that they urgently require.

Fintech is meant to be for everyone and uses revolutionary technologies to educate its users on the broader spectrum of managing personal finances. Plotkin is a jazz fan, dog-dad, New Yorker, and a fintech enthusiast.