Alex Pissios Knows a Thing or Two About Film


To Alex Pissios, a former banker turned film studio magnate, the success of an industry lies in understanding the changing needs of teenagers.

The film studio magnate has spent time getting to know his market and developing fresh content for them. This approach to storytelling leads him to success after success with films like Just Friends and The Lake Effect.

But as a studio magnate, Alex Pissios has had to balance his ambitions of becoming yet another Hollywood mogul with building his company into an industry leader in the Chicago movie business. He says he’s had to walk a fine line between bowing to market trends and staying true to his original vision as a filmmaker.

Alex Pissios, who founded A24 Media Group in 2010, said he and his team have been a little crazy in their pursuit of success.

He said he thinks that one of the tangible legacies (of the studio) is to try and figure out how to remain true to your vision and fit into the changing environment. Which has been wildly challenging, and we’ve all had to say many things we didn’t believe.

After years of building a stable system for releasing movies, Alex Pissios said his team is now focused on growing their business and diversifying into new areas.

He does not think the studio business is going anywhere but believes there are many different ways you can be successful in the business. They moved a lot of movies into television that they probably wouldn’t have done five years ago and think they are going to look at all kinds of different media as a company.

Developing and releasing new content while maintaining its film festival roots has been crucial to the studio’s success. The company has developed relationships with some of its filmmakers and talent agents and established trust with top-tier directors.

Alex Pissios said he realized early on that the industry’s biggest brands were not the only ones capable of making great films. 

He said that as a student, he started out studying business and finance in college, but through his experiences in banking, he learned how to motivate people and inspire them to achieve their goals.