Alfons Hörmann

Alfons Hörmann is a German businessman and sports official. Over his career, he has taken on the roles of mentor, advisor, and sports director for international athletes and teams. With a sporting resume that includes the Olympics, Wimbledon, and a European championship, Hörmann is recognized as one of the most influential sportspeople.

Alfons Hörmann has demonstrated strong leadership skills personally and in business dealings with some of the world’s most influential sports organizations. During his career, he has worked closely with athletes and teams from various sporting disciplines, including tennis, archery, soccer, basketball, and skiing, as well as countless others.

His involvement with sports has been so deep and wide that he is recognized as the man behind one of the most successful sportswear companies in Europe, Hummel International. Throughout his life, Hörmann has strived for excellence in all aspects of his life. His ambition and attitude have led to success on and off the sporting field. Hörmann is an example of someone who has reached a high sporting standard and succeeded in business dealings with large corporations and international industry leaders.

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Hörmann is credited with helping to develop and build brands such as Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Fila, and other sports brands. Hörmann also developed the International Tennis Federation’s Tennis Masters Cup.


Hörmann has also been involved in numerous charitable activities on and off the field. His charitable spirit has led him to support a variety of causes, including Munich’s winter sports club and Hamburg’s Hannover marathon organization, among others in his native Germany.

Throughout Hörmann’s career, he has built some of the world’s most famous sporting brands. His experience extends beyond this to a role as sporting director, advisor, and mentor to both aspiring and established athletes. This experience has taken him through nearly every aspect of the sports industry, as well as many different disciplines and countries. Hörmann has proven himself as a successful and able business leader who is not afraid to expand his horizons to achieve success despite the risks or uncertainties associated with such bold moves.