Cloud Inventory Field Inventory Integration With Salesforce


Data Systems International has reported that it will deliver integration of its Cloud Inventory, Field Inventory Management solutions with the Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) platform. This is a huge step for the company and their offerings to both Salesforce users and organizations seeking to improve efficiency in the field by integrating accurate data on equipment, tools, and inventory involved in service work orders and tickets.

Cloud-based software firm, Salesforce provides CRM services and a complementary suite of enterprise applications for businesses of all sizes. Cloud Inventory solution allows users to connect and manage their field service operations with Salesforce. The DSI, integration will give Salesforce customers access to its powerful data collection capabilities in the field, improving the quality of service by reducing inaccuracies caused by manual data entry. This new development offers great value to Cloud Inventory and Salesforce customers alike.

Cloud Inventory is a critical piece of any organization’s operations. The DSI, integration with Salesforce is an important step in bringing this capability to even more organizations. The benefits are clear, Inventory integrated with Salesforce helps organizations improve customer service, optimize field operations, and make better decisions. If you are looking for a powerful Inventory solution that integrates easily with the Salesforce platform, look no further.

Cloud Salesforce mobile-first solutions optimize the supply chain with real-time data improves operations efficiency. Closing deals successfully integrate our technology into your business DSI’s Cloud. Mobile-first applications empower organizations with real-time visibility at all points in the supply chain from warehouse to field-based out of Kansas City global team has supply chain knowledge and the ability to deliver solutions that solve today’s business challenges. Integrate accurate data on equipment tools inventory involved in service work orders and tickets for organizations seeking to improve quality of services or reduce inaccuracies caused by manual entry or even more effectively. Read this article to learn more.


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