For Retail Traders, Not All Education is Equal According to Former Chief Economist of the SEC and Online Trading Academy

Some of the most common words you will encounter in the financial industry include education, learning, and training. However, according to the former chief economist of the SEC and Online Trading Academy (OTA), Dr. Jeffrey Harris, most people participating in public financial markets never get the appropriate education. Jeffrey reveals his passion for expanding financial education as a skill to a larger population, something prevalent in OTA. He further explains that OTA uses educational materials to prepare courses based on reasonable economic theories. The delivery method used compares well with the most widely accepted teaching techniques that provide value for learners. Students who follow OTA’s practices and principles develop a high level of confidence in trading and investing.

Dr. Jeffrey Harris says that education is unequal; it’s either theoretical or informational. It may fail to rise to be experimental, which is essential for instilling skills and boosting traders’ confidence. He is also passionate about how financial technology is evolving, making learning and risk management more manageable. OTA uses original course materials, virtual classes, and online sessions to cement the information coveted to students. One of the trading platforms he recognizes is CLIK that is user-friendly and applies OTA rules. CLIK generally applies OTA’s teachings and uses technology to enable scoring trade opportunities and allow users to focus on logic and economics.

It also follows the appropriate steps towards strengthening risk management, especially for new learners looking to confidently start their trading and investment journey. Dr. Jeffrey recommends CLIK as one of the best trading platforms as it considers its users and monitors every individual’s risk profile. It also notifies traders who risk too much money, warning them about their risk parameters violations. Since OTA mainly focuses on risk management, it’s a crucial and unique feature that enforces discipline among CLIK traders.

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