Frances Townsend Exemplary Leadership

Frances Townsend has been key in the success of Activision Blizzard , the giant in video game development and design, since she joined their management team. First and foremost, Frances Townsend is the Executive Vice President for Corporate Affairs. She keeps Activision Blizzard in good standing with shareholders and partners by overseeing the company’s communications, government relations, legal affairs, community relations, corporate social responsibility, and safety and sustainability. But she doesn’t stop with those responsibilities. Townsend also holds the position of Corporate Secretary where she negotiates merger agreements with other companies to expand Activision Blizzard’s reach without compromising their values or morals.

Her leadership qualities have been instrumental in not only the companies success but also her reputation as an ethical business and an inspiration to young women. Some of the leadership qualities that have helped her succeed are her direction and dedication to the employees and talent, her ability to handle challenges with a positive attitude, and her determination to make a change. Her goals are always meant for the greater good, as she keeps her eye on the road ahead, and her team moving in the same direction.

Townsend is constantly looking for ways to improve herself and others. And she has recognized the importance of setting an example for all those around her, including talented individuals that wish to join and contribute to Activision Blizzard. She often compliments them on their abilities when they succeed, which is a great motivator, but she also makes sure that they know their strengths and weaknesses.

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