How Gurps Rai Changed DroppTV

Historically, innovation has changed the ways of businesses and models of markets. Innovators like Hastings and Marc Randolf were first brushed off for believing in their vision of building a streaming company. All innovators have the commonality of changing the status quo and changing world beliefs. Henry Ford changed the building of a car from 12 hours to being done within one hour and 33 minutes.

Gurps Rai is also among the long list of innovators. Gurps was instrumental in believing in the future of cryptocurrency and initiating the first-ever commodity trade. Here are some of the values that can be learned from Gurps Rai.

Giving Back to the Community

Having come from humble backgrounds, Gurps Rai knew how it is to live with meager means. He has, therefore, worked with the United Nations to build in India, a rehabilitation clinic. He was also responsible for creating shoes worth $4 million that were used to raise funds to fight poverty.

Innovating on Shoppable Streaming

DroppTV is an innovation that Gurps Rai founded in 2020. He believed in creating a platform that maximized users’ ability to take advantage of streaming videos for shopping. It was also meant to introduce an income stream for artists who would market their merchandise through the platform. The platform is revolutionary in removing the use of advertisements and pop-ups that are on almost all streaming platforms.

Being Futuristic

Gurps Rai is known for his futuristic insights and innovative ideas that are set to change the world. This is like his belief in cryptocurrency being a mode of payment. He spearheaded the purchase of carbon credits from Nike through Ven, a cryptocurrency released by Hub Culture. His belief paid off as Ven became the first digital currency to be traded in Forex markets. Also, cryptocurrency has increased in trade over time. Visit this page for more information.


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