Jake Medwell is a Founding Partner at 8VC

The mood in the nation’s capital is gradually shifting as parties on both sides of the divide seem to be torn on the exact definition of infrastructure, with the democrats advocating to have human infrastructure be part of the infrastructure bill.

Arguing that as much as physical infrastructure is vital in the country’s development, human infrastructure should be considered too. The democrats aim to initiate social programs that will have a primary focus on education and healthcare issues.

However, the Republicans seem to be a bit hesitant quoting the 2009 ARRA/stimulus legislation argument. A legislation bill that was passed by Congress to increase funding on all physical infrastructure projects.

A Step in the Right Direction

But once the funds were disbursed, only 3% of the total amount ended up going to the projects; however, with the recent infrastructure bill in play, at least 10% of the total amount will go towards the funding of the physical infrastructure projects for the building of roads and bridges.

As much as there is so much buzz around the infrastructure bill, it will still not come inclusive of the traditional highway bill. The bill, usually the reauthorization of all federal surface transportation programs, is continuously renewed every five years by Congress.

This time around, the highway bill seeks to have several additional features added on the bill since the current administration focuses on including a climate policy in the bill. That means that the legislation might push for a transition of vehicles from internal combustion to electric-powered systems.

It will also propose incorporating bicycle access on roadways and the adherence of safety measures such as placing speed limiters in heavy trucks.