John Savignano Discusses the Importance of Human Element in the Accounting Business

Accounting and the human element go hand in hand. Accounting professionals must take a human approach in their daily dealings with the public. The best accounting firms have put their focus on this, and it has paid off for them. Without a firm foundation in the human element, your business will falter and fail at the most unfortunate times. John Savignano shares his opinions on keeping up with the changing world of accounting while remaining ethical and pleasant to deal with.

The Human Element Aspect

Businessman and entrepreneur John Savignano attributes his success in the accounting industry to a balance of technology and the human element. Savignano believes that a balanced approach to accounting is the most successful way to run a business and bring in revenue. He links technological innovation with the personal touch, creating a new breed of accounting firm. The CEO of Bottom Line Consulting recommends that you stay sharp by staying current with the extensive changes occurring in the accounting profession. A personal touch goes a long way in building trust in customer relationships and keeping business steady.

The Importance of People Management

John Savignano, CPA, believes that people management is one of the most important skill sets for CEOs to possess. The CEO and COO are hands-on team members and, therefore, must be able to manage their staff effectively. Savignano maintains that a strong accounting business stays on top of its staff. Properly managed employees are more productive and happy to work in your company.

Ways to Incorporate Human Element into Accounting

Professor John Savignano recommends treating all clients with respect, no matter how large or small their business is. He suggests listening to each client in a way that reflects an interest in their issues. He points out that if you cannot relate to your customers, it will be difficult for them to trust you with their information. Showing an interest in each client and providing resources to help them make choices can increase revenue.

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