Jonas Lauren Norr’s Detailed Profile

Jonas Lauren Norr holds a psychology degree from Yeshiva University. Apart from his psychological skills, Jonas is a proven business analyst, business leader, strategist, public speaker, and manager. He has held different partnerships and ran new businesses through proper planning to realize private equity and impressive marketing ROI. He holds more entrepreneurial skills that have enabled him to survive in venture capital among other segments.

Jonas Lauren Norr’s experience cuts across different organizations where he worked as a mere employee, a founder, or an executive. For instance, he was an employee at Crest Resources where he joined other directors on the board for almost two years from mid-2020.

It is unconfirmed whether he was employed at SapceFund, but he rendered Advisory services to the seniors for approximately four years from November 2018. Lauren Norr was a Crypto Lotus employee for about four years from mid-2018. Mainly, Jonas worked as a managing partner in the company.

Jonas Lauren has also been employed at Gravity Ranch for about six years in early 2016. However, he was among the company’s founding partners. Norr was also among the Ethos Assets’ founders and started working there in October 2015, meaning that he is heading to his seventh year there.

Lauren is also an Advisor at Peterson Partners since its inception in Mid-2014. Therefore, he has overseen the company’s trajectory for almost eight years. For more than a decade, Jonas Lauren joined Ethos Education as a founding partner in March 2012.

Ethos Investments is exclusive because Jonas Lauren Norr has worked there for more years than others. He founded the company in August 2003, and he is still working there today, almost 19 years running. However, at QMobility, he has only worked for two and a half years because he launched the company in March 2019. Moreover, Lauren founded Qoo Energy alongside other partners in early 2016 and managed the company for about six years up to September 2021.

Nexcentrica Capital Collaborators was another company he left in September 2021 even though he had founded it in 2014, so he had managed it for over seven and a half years. At Ligandal, Jonas Lauren served the shortest stint because he joined the Board of Leaders in November 2020 and left eight months later in mid-2021.

Intellicell BioSciences was another company where Jonas served for only a year and seven months as the Global Strategist from February 2011 up to September 2012. Jonas was also an executive producer because he partnered with others at Mr. Baker in January 2012.

From August 2006 to mid-2011, Jonas founded Ethos Carbon and managed it for almost five years before taking up other roles. For almost one and a half years, Lauren worked at Planktos as the Business Development Director. In July 2007, he joined Live Earth as an Executive Producer.