Juvia's Place to offer Grants to Businesses Owned by Black Iinvestors

Juvia’s Place has slowly become one of the popular makeup brands in the modern times. The platform currently has close to two and half million Instagram followers. The makeup brand has a shelf space in Ulta, something many people have never enjoyed in the past. The founder of the Chichi Eburu, the founder of the brand is happy about the journey she has enjoyed while creating the institution. When starting the brand, Chichi had only two thousand dollars, and she had big dreams for the business. The challenges faced by the businesswoman when she was starting the brand made her strong and committed into the tough journey. As a black woman starting a makeup business in the competitive world, Chichi Eburu knew that Juvia’s Place was going to have a tough time before becoming successful. In the past, Chichi had seen many startups struggle and collapse just because their founders were not accepted in the society. Chichi Eburu, however, was determined to achieve her goal in the beauty industry, and she fought hard to reach to the top. Juvia’s Place is now the envy of many.

Not long ago, Juvia’s Place has made a commitment to help black entrepreneurs in the country. According to the founder of the business, Juvia’s Place will start issuing grants worth fifty million to help black entrepreneurs in reaching their business goals. With the grant, the businesses will not only overcome challenges, they will develop products that will match the consumer standards. The company is also interested in supporting businesses owned by black women in the country because they have a very rough time reaching their business goals. Juvia’s Place made this decision after their research proved that over forty four percent of the businesses owned by the blacks had to use cash just to keep their businesses running. While many business owners receive loans with very high interest rates to make ends meet, Chichi wants the black businesses to have an easier time.

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