Laura Rea Dickey Early Years In Business

Years ago, when Laura Rea Dickey was younger, she did not envision a career in the fast-food market. The talented young girl did not see herself getting involved in smoked meats for a living. Today, however, Laura Rea Dickey is helping to grow one of the biggest companies in Texas, Dickey Barbecue.

Laura moved to Texas when she was ready to attend school. While growing up, the young girl discovered that she was not very good in cooking. This meant that a career in a barbecue company was never in her mind. When it was time to get into her career path, Laura got into technology and market.

For years, Laura helped several brands to develop and identify themselves in the market. Driving sales in these brands became an easy activity because of data. Roland Dickey, Laura’s husband, on the other hand, grew up working in the restaurant section. It was the decision of Roland to bring Laura into the family establishment. When the 2008 recession took over the global market, Roland did not want to sink the famous family business. Roland and Laura Rea Dickey Net Worth had to face the toughest season when the recession was going on.

Many companies were on the verge of collapsing to the recession, including Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurant. Roland did not want to slow the growth of the institution, and the best way to save the company was to get an expert to market his brand. Laura’s consultation services helped the facility to endure the hardships in the market. The growth of the facility did not slow down. Many branches started in and outside the nation.

Laura had previously worked with successful national brands such as W Hotels and many others. This position was not strange to her. At first, Laura wanted to decline the position, but when she learnt it was just a temporary arrangement, she started her work. See related link for additional information.


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