Luis Horta e Costa, Others, Identify Portugal’s Top Three Cities for Investment

The Portuguese economy has some excellent investment opportunities and is steadily growing. Several years of prudent financial management have helped the country to avoid the worst effects of the global recession, and it enjoys a respectable public debt level. This factor, combined with a favorable currency rate against the euro, has led to an influx of foreign investment in Portugal. Luis Horta e Costa, Others identify Portugal’s top three cities for investment based on their quality infrastructure and affordable housing costs in addition to other factors such as accessibility and security. Luis Horta e Costa has been consulting with Portuguese companies and foreign investors, with many inquiries coming from companies outside the country.

  1. Lisbon Hits the Number One Spot

Portugal’s capital is the number one candidate for investment in the country. Lisbon is an excellent choice for those who want to invest in property for various reasons. It is located near the sea, which makes it somewhat cool but not too cold during wintertime, and it has excellent access to transportation routes and different markets all over Europe. There are excellent university programs in this city, and it will soon be able to offer its students a new campus to study on. Regarding real estate, the variety of investments available means that you can find your perfect apartment or house no matter what your budget is. Everything also depends on how big your family is and how much you’re willing to spend, whether you want something spacious or cozy.

  1. Porto Brings Wine and More to the Table

Porto has been over represented in recent investment decisions, and it is safe to say that this city has a bright future. It’s known as the first capital of the Portuguese Empire, and it possesses excellent infrastructure that is mainly responsible for its development over time. Several different areas in Porto have been developed, and they’re home to pretty much every type of industry you can imagine.

  1. Algarve Brings Out the Sunshine

The Algarve is the southernmost part of Portugal, and several different cities exist. This region is excellent for investment because of the infrastructure that’s been built up over the years. All major cities have enjoyed significant investment development, and this area will grow even more.