Richard Liu Narrates of Childhood Adversities That Did Not Deter Him from Becoming a Renowned Entrepreneur

The renowned entrepreneur, Richard Liu had a childhood full of adversities. This is because by the time he was introduced to this world his parents had already descended from Chinese merchants and earned a livelihood from farming rice. The pork meat was one of the rare meals that his family could afford and though once in a while he would accompany his maternal grandmother to the nearest co-op to purchase the fattiest pork cut, Liu dreamt of becoming a village head and ensuring that all people in his village were well fed. Liu Qiangdong spent a significant amount of his childhood time feeding his unmatched curiosity.

Richard Liu depicts that as his knowledge was on trajectory growth, his aspirations were not left behind. While in his primary school, Richard Liu led a group of his classmates to a government building in a nearby town where they were privileged to see electricity working inform of the lightbulb for the first time. Instead of spending his school holidays relaxing like other pupils in the middle class, Richard would spend his little savings touring the nearby Nanjing city. It was while in this city that Liu was privileged to see the first skyscraper. During his adventurous tours, Richard realized that his world is very minute and dreamt of traveling across the world to cities such as Paris, Beijing, and New York.

Richard Liu applied to colleges in extremely large cities like Shanghai and Beijing when it came to his time to attend university. However, his exemplary performance in college entrance exams permitted him to join the famous Renmin University. Richard Liu’s village catered for his travel expenses to Beijing to join the university, as his parents could not afford it. The compassionate village people who could not afford any money provided Liu with eggs to eat throughout his ride. The eggs stocked by his village people were able to subsist him for a week after he arrived in Beijing to study.

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