Try the New ClassDojo Versions

Since 2011, parents, students, and teachers have used Classdojo as an effective learning tool. After the first decade of using this app, Classdojo is just as necessary a learning tool as text books, notebooks, and pens and pencils.

Classdojo was created to help students in the elementary school grades. The app helps students learn discipline, confidence, and success in schoolwork. Students can take what they learned using this educational app in elementary school, to continue school success in middle school and high school. The teaching app teaches children to work well with others. The app could eliminate bullying.

The elementary teaching app is made up of student portfolios, social emotional learning, positive feedback, home and school communication, and more. Parents are kept up-to-date with their children’s progress and get to see videos of their children working diligently in class. The educational app allows students to get more positive feedback on their work as well as constructive criticism. The educational app comes in different languages including American English. French, Italian, Mandarin, and more.

On July 27, Classdojo announced a brand new tool kit for teachers and students to use in the classroom. The new version allows children to have all the tools in one place. Students can be arranged into physical learning groups. If the teacher wants to, he or she can put on some background music to help students study. The upgraded and improved app has a new and improved portfolio. The portfolios include the ability to draw on and label photos. The upgraded educational app allows children to create voice notes and develop school journals on the app. The educational app has more badges and rewards for students. There are more updated additions to the educational app this month.

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